Pink Everlasting
10:12 AM

I find Waze useful when I’m driving in the suburbs but stick to Google Maps in the city because most city “short cuts” tend to get me stuck in the most congested areas that, as a local, I would never tell anyone to take unless it was the dead of night with no one on the road.

2:08 PM

I think it’s hard to tell because young Mia Farrow and young Frank Sinatra look very much alike.

1:49 PM

She’s one of the few people where, no mater what, if I see her on screen or read her name in print, I stop what I’m doing to give her my attention because I KNOW it’s gonna be good.

3:45 PM

I have seen this face in anime shows that are like pg13- I would say it's sometimes more arousal related than always orgasm related. 

2:05 PM

I saw it last night and it didn’t feel like 3 hours. However, that’s because it was really funny and had good jump scares. The running joke of how Bill can’t write a good ending sort of sets you up to let the movie off the hook for not having a satisfying ending. I think the real problem for me was how token-ish it Read more

7:24 PM

And also almost died in a car crash when she probably warned them not to be driving too fast in that brand new car that’s without modern safety features...

7:21 PM

The gagging is such a troublesome part of food-related anxieties and issues. I used to be a really picky eater, and happily I have a gotten past most f the issues, but the one sticking point is texture. Any soft or creamy foodstuff with hard bits in it makes me gag and it’s the most embarrassing thing to be at a party Read more

2:31 PM

I don’t follow *lifestyle* people like this on Instagram- is it common for the photos to be so poorly edited? I’ve worked in Photoshop for years and it’s sort of shocking that anyone wouldn’t notice how fake all these skies look.

2:14 PM

They were together for five years and broke up two years ago. I once heard that it takes half the time you were together to get over a breakup. Not sure if that’s true but for celebrities it seems like it takes twice as long.

2:45 PM

It will! I broke my wrist 4 months ago and I’m about 90% of the way back to normal. The weakness and stiffness in my hand surprised me, but the tendons for everything run down to the wrist, so my grip strength is something I’m still working on. 

9:42 PM

MTV is far more afraid of Janet and the Jackson estate turning against them. It's disgusting.

2:33 PM

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s decision to change the lyrics and remove the crucial rhyme has always puzzled me.

2:44 PM

The sad things about this is: The #1 allergy I have heard people lie about is mushrooms. I know at least 10 people who just don’t like mushrooms who have flat-out told me they lie and say they’re “deathly allergic” to make sure food they order doesn’t have mushrooms. Now, even if I was 99% sure someone was lying about Read more

3:51 PM

Any trademark lawyers in Kijna? I’d love to know if Norman Rockwell’s estate or museum can take legal issue with this name.

3:44 PM

The older I get, the more I have also realized this is true and it’s so brilliant. I also love to see interviews with Larry David and to realize how Jason Alexander just absolutely NAILED that performance.

3:36 PM

I think it’s less something key to the Old West as more that tales of bloody revenge and terrible destiny benefit from the slow burn of a long journey and/or tracking-down of the object of their revenge or destiny. This plays out in old Greek tragedies, Shakespeare’s war plays, war movies, Kung Fu and Samurai movies, Read more

1:53 PM

Most restaurants where I live have a time the restaurant closes and a time the kitchen closes. If I know I’m getting someplace close to closing time, I call and ask when the kitchen closes. If the kitchen is still open, it’s totally fine to take a seat and order.

10:40 AM

Agreed. Also, with the amount of criticism heaped on any female pop star’s appearance, if I were in her shoes I would be QUITE content with people saying I dress too young or have too tight of a ponytail. Anyone who remembers the kind of shit that was written about Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears when they were around Read more