Oct 26 2016

If someone you have not met (safely) in real life wants to take your interactions off the app - RED FLAG. Read more

Apr 20 2016

Here here! Like “used to” vs “use to”.

Apr 20 2016

9. Hear an opinion or worldview different from your own, and actually listen to it without interrupting or losing your damn mind.

Apr 12 2016

“I want to stress one thing: these guys aren’t motorcyclists, they’re assholes on motorcycles. And there’s absolutely a difference.” Read more

Apr 5 2016

Also, this isn’t pinball. It’s just a doodling thing that has pinball-like flippers at the bottom. You can't beat a pinball machine without understand the story the developer is telling you. In that regard, it's like a video game, but instead of twitching, skill is involved.

Giz should cover the Pinball Expo in Read more

Apr 5 2016

You’ve no idea how many hours I spent playing this game. Many, many hours.

Nov 1 2015

The Grand Slam of Curling Masters finals are today as well too, and they have solid teams going up against each other. Homan/Sweeting are two of the best (if not the best) women’s teams in the world.

Oct 18 2015

I only starred your comment because it was so fucking ridiculous.

Oct 9 2015

And Obama never closed Gitmo like he promised he would either.

Oct 9 2015

My favorite Snake-Eyes design was v3, even though it made very little sense for a ninja to be walking around covered in reflective chrome.