You should be there when top fuel runs. I live 3 miles as the crow flies from LOR, and you can hear it in my very well insulated all brick house. But there is nothing like standing about 100 feet away from them when they take off. Read more

As in our own system, rich people in the U.K. can afford “every treatment under the sun” to prolong their lives, but poor people get better care in the U.K. than in the U.S.. Read more

Do you have one of these studies? I can’t fathom how this makes thing BETTER to have vehicles travelling in unmarked lanes. Read more

False. It does not ease congestion in any statistically-significant way. There just aren’t enough bikes for that to be the case. Read more

I’m looking forward to hearing from Taylor himself as I have the same question. Read more

He was good, friendly, affable, generous man. With a family. A small daughter. Who tortured and killed animals to entertain a mob. Read more

What? Nobody on the internet made him climb into a circle and try to kill a fucking pissed off bull. If you want to grieve for his family, maybe he should have had them in mind when he decided try to slowly kill dangerous animals for a living. He died doing something dangerous and barbaric in a silly costume- that is Read more

I think you have to defend on a thing on its own merits. Invoking cultural relativism means you also have to accept things like genital mutilation, sharia law, etc. Read more

Yeah, I couldn’t find that obscure SD channel, so I ended up streaming it instead, thankfully they didn’t black that one out for us too... Read more

I don’t know what the Canadians do, but in the US your warranty cannot be voided simply by aftermarket part installation. They can refuse to cover the modification (obviously) and things affected by the modification (turbo your engine and they’ll deny a claim pretty much anywhere on the drive train). However, Read more

The onus is on the manufacturer to prove the failure was the result of abuse on the track. The onus is not on YOU to prove it DIDN’T occur. Innocent until proven guilty. Read more

New, No. Legal, at least in the states, probably not. Aesthetic mods, and repairs carried out by you or a certified mechanic are not allowed to void the warranty by law essentially. I don’t see anything here about power-train mods. Read more

Did she do any fuel pump mods? I know Magnussen Moss doesn’t cover her up there but if she didn’t modify the fuel system then why would a wing void her warranty? Read more

No, not “period.” They’re stretching the definitions in the contract beyond their literal meaning because they fucked up and didn’t do their job in the first place, and they did work anyway under the implication that it wouldn’t be charged for. This is anything but so clear. Read more

I’m the owner:) Evey drive train part out of the truck above which was mine is in the truck you mention for sale. I put it in the sister truck. That truck I restored is back racing in the NCWTS:) connect with me on racing junk if your interested or just want help with the how to find etc. Read more

As someone who rents a car 5 days a week, every week, let me shed some light on why my whole team abandoned Hertz (even though they are the “preferred” agency of our company). They’re years behind Enterprise/National in terms of offerings, technology and service. Read more