What does a Florida law have to do with a case in Maryland (although I’m sure they have similar rules there too) Read more

Wrong. Germany also an EU member requires 6 months. Read more

I’ve sold airplanes professionally and I’ve also bought airplanes for a dealer floorplan so I know a thing or two about high ticket sales. The best thing that a sales person can do is be an educator, I don’t expect someone who is spending that kind of money to have to consult Wikipedia or a friend for that Read more

Pedantic yes but the takeoff was in front of her not over her.   Read more

His medical will be gone now with those Meds so he won’t be flying for a while (if ever) Read more

Where in Indianapolis are you driving it? Lucas Oil Raceway? Read more

He’s a veteran in his 40's living in TN Read more

That’s not how flaps work. You are thinking of spoilers. At a basic level flaps change the shape of the wing and decrease the stall speed. Read more

It happened with IndyCar in Vegas in 2011, and Charlotte in 1999. Read more

if you read that study (which by the way only dealt with a very small portion of belgian roadway) the majority of the congestion relief was offered due to the smaller size of a motorcycle and the ability of more of them to fit in a smaller area (they consider a motorcycle to be .5 PCF compared to a car at 1.0 PCF.) Read more

that sounds like a great argument for single payer to me Read more

The Belgian study which you cite (which was based on data from a small stretch of Belgian road and then extrapolated), used the most favorable possible PCE and haven’t been replicated on a larger scale... Read more

not one of those you have posted deals with congestion. Read more

can you please provide a citation of the “state sponsored studies” Read more

Could you please provide a cite to the study? Read more