Dec 11 2017

If you have not sent me you character sheet you need to do so ASAP. Play starts tomorrow on the Discord at 7:30 pm

Dec 7 2017

If you expressed interest in DnD I have decided on a time and date for us to meet. We can do either Tuesday the 12th or Friday the 15th. Regardless I would like to meet no later than 7 pm EST. Preferably earlier if possible. If you haven’t sent me your character sheets you need to do so asap so I can review them. Read more

Nov 28 2017

I’m running a 3.5 D&D session, ostensibly for new players, on the TAY Discord server. I’ll be accepting up to 6 players in one group. I probably won’t do more than a few sessions. Read more

Oct 3 2016

Anyone for a few rounds of Smash on Wii U tonight?

Sep 29 2016

Someone play smash with Raithulu. Please?

Jul 2 2016

Anyone for smash this weekend?

Jun 7 2016

Anyone interested in doing a community smash tournament?

Jun 2 2016

Blip: Be on the lookout for the first new Samurai Jack footage around the same time as E3. Read more

Feb 12 2016

Just checking if anyone is at/going to Katsucon this weekend.

Nov 30 2015

Fight me in Smash! I’m out of practice right now! You might be able to beat me! Available from now until forever. Find me here or on TAY Discord channel. Read more

Sep 18 2015

Smash at 9:00 pm eastern. Details at 8:30 pm. This is just a friendly blip. Because blips are cool like that, yo.

Jul 14 2015

Anyone up for smash around say 9:30 - 10 pm EDT? (I’m willing to go until 10 am tomorrow morning)

Jul 3 2015

Blip: Pikathulu has ended his long hibernation and emerged as Raithulu! Raithulu will be around less than Pikathulu until he gets a new computer. Raithulu will also endeavor to only refer to himself in the third person no more than one day a week. Probably. Read more