Tig ol' Bitties

Considering your Conservative Congress just tried to pass a health care bill that none of them had any idea about budget ramifications you may wanna chill on the forward thinking talk. Bud. Read more

Everytime I want to name Devos as the worst Sessions pulls a “hold my beer” on me. Read more

Ive literally been having this argument with people on a football site for an hour now. If Tim Tebow had knelt during the anthem while Obama was in office because he objected to something the trumpsters would erect a statue to him.   Read more

Dont forget the trade and diplomatic policies!!!! NAFTA? Gone! China a currency manipulator? Not anymore pal!!! The Iran Nuclear deal? Iran is now a Walmart baby!!!! NATO Europe needs to start payin their dues. Trump asks them “Have ya paid yer dues? And NATO says “Yessir the check is in the mail!” Read more

The hardest part is acceptance. He needs to say those dreaded words “I need a Minivan”. Read more

I agree, didnt thunk that through. I’ve got three and its the oerfect fit. We can put everyone in plus room for a weeks luggage if needed. The obvious answer for the guy is a minivan. If he cant suck it up then you could configure a flex to fit. Read more

Get one with Second row captains chairs. Problem solved. Read more

Came here to say this. I love my flex. Room for days and the best part is it’s classified as a wagon not an suv, which keeps the insurance a little cheaper. Read more

I love the fact that your “out of panic mode” mannerisms are exactly the same as your in panic mode. You are one chill fella. No way I get through that without 4,700 f bombs and probably trying to per the fire out or smother it with the neighbors cat. Read more

You realize those hunters and fishermen started the movement because they realized the NEED to CONSERVE our natural resources right? You realize this guy stands in opposition to that right? Read more

From the greys. You are looking far worse in that exchange. Time to stop Read more

If you cant cite actual NA charities or orgs you donate time or money to then you are a faux outrage cunt. Its offensive but if your offendedness is rooted in the desire to be offended you are simply a cunt. Read more

As a die hard I hope you know this doesnt bother us at all. We knew we had 5 games to win the series and then our lack of depth was going to really hurt. We didn’t blow a lead so much as we didnt overcome near impossible obstacles. Read more

Wouldnt it seem more duplicitous for the school to say “ whoops we realize this was a terrible decision but we’ll stick with because... football wins!” Read more

Civil punishment is a bedrock of law. Thats why OJ paid for a crime he “didnt” commit. He paid his criminal dues yes, but now because the sentence was so light he is paying a Civil penalty. The citizens of Youngstown state feel he owes more civilly and have been heard. Maybe if he spent the year this year showing Read more

When does the rape victim get on with her prerape life? Read more

You know who else this will follow for the rest of their life? The girl he raped. She lives with the consequences he lives with them. Sometimes social conciseness does what the law cant. This kid does not deserve the privilege of playing college athletics Read more

When does the girl he raped get to move on with her pre rape life? Not playing college football is not the same as not being able to get on with your life. The culture that equates football with life is how he got the sense of entitlement that led him to believe women are objects without the right of consent Read more

Ma’lik should have been somebody who didnt RAPE somebody. Everything beyond that which you write is bullshit. Read more