Oct 22

Funny you should mention that, because I laughed out loud for the first time in a while at the dude asking if he can never drink or smoke again because he had kids. 

Oct 15

At least Billy didn’t write you a 3500 word email sentence to tell you everyone thought you were kind of an asshole. Read more

Sep 21 2019

sane people knew this game would be a bloodbath. that game could’ve easily been 49-0  Read more

Sep 19 2019

Holy shit, I knew this website would go to hell under the new ownership but the amount of ads on this article is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Read more

Aug 21 2019

Madison, Wisconsin resident checking in here. Hi. We had a minor league hockey team years ago called the Monsters, and they had the best logo/jersey of all time.

Aug 20 2019

I fall asleep to Futurama every night.

Aug 20 2019

Friends is boring, charmless and terrible and when I came back from a term abroad in college and was stuck in the freshman girls’ dorm as a senior (but I had a single so, eh) all I could hear from the rooms around me were Friends and Dave Matthews Band. A profound euuurrggh to both.

Aug 14 2019

Remember, it’s a midwestern school. That’s the Splinter method of noting it’s not near New York City and thus sucks by definition.

Aug 14 2019

I star all things that are proof that The Simpsons did it first.

Aug 10 2019

Not great, but not terrible. 

Aug 2 2019

100%. I personally have zero interest in video. I come here during work hours to read. Video/sound is useless to my own experience here, and is just something I scroll past.

Jul 31 2019

What kind of stunt are you trying to pull?  Haribos or GTFO.

What kind of stunt are you trying to pull?  Haribos or GTFO.

Jul 25 2019

LOL. Hotter take, there is no valid reason for the existence of Gin. Blech!

Jul 24 2019

I live near Yellowstone and the number of idiots who get too close to bison and other wildlife is mind-boggling. And the Park Service has signs everywhere telling them not to.

Jul 17 2019

Please don't make this out as something cool. Fucking idiots are wrecking our public lands right and left. A fine and a night in jail are good punishments and I'd ban her from all national parks/monuments for 5 year's

Jun 20 2019

Could this possible be anything but a coordinated campaign BY the USWNT asking teams to do EXACTLY THIS? I see zero indication these men’s teams came up with this idea. Read more

Jun 20 2019

other than malinda being very annoying, i don’t see the problem here.