Jan 30

This guy is apparently an insurance industry lobbyist. I sincerely hope this story and his tweets get lots of traction and he gets fired for making so many people (again!) aware of how terrible and expensive the American health care system is. Then, he too can experience the joys of how totally affordable Read more

Oct 23 2019

Someone whose drug use affects their personal and professional lives in negative ways has a drug problem. She has shown over and over again that her drug use affects her professional life, at the minimum.

Oct 22 2019

Good to see you are reading fair and balanced accounts or interpreting them so objectively. So Jackie and her mom are both brilliant gold diggers and ALSO terrible at figuring out who has money before marrying/getting engaged to them. Jackie’s mom dumped her husband for the small offences of being a alcoholic, Read more

Oct 22 2019

I don’t mean to pile on, but the last thing that he was appealing enough in to attract children was nearly 20 years ago. The original Pirates was 17 years ago and maybe Alice in Wonderland? are about the only things that I can remember him in that children might have watched and admired him in. I bet you quite a lot Read more

Oct 22 2019

I seriously doubt there are many teen girls going to bat for Depp. Fandoms and maniacal defense of stars sadly does not end in ones teenage years for many.

Oct 22 2019

Isn’t that what she says? Because if that girl doesn’t have drug issues (and she’s been very open about drug use), I don’t know who does. They could certainly, and even likely, both have drug issues, but she seems to have dealt with them, at least publicly, way better during the time they were together. 

Oct 22 2019

I’m really only aware of Miley Cyrus when she is, as now, showing her whole ass. I’m even less aware of Liam Hemsworth as he doesn’t seem to do that. As a hot take, I’d say she seemed more centered (or at least quieter) and less high as a kite/thirsty when she was with him, so I’m going to assume his influence was Read more

Oct 20 2019

No, she wasn’t, she was raised to marry a guy of social standing equal to or better than her own- I’m sure ditto on the money. That’s how everyone pretty much was and is raised. Working class people hope their kids marry people of at least that same standing, middle class the same, etc. She was an attractive, Read more

Oct 20 2019

That’s how ‘all’ women were raised- to get a man to support you financially. They had to be raised that way since women were kept out of almost all jobs and all well-paying jobs. She was a young woman just as women were starting to get into the paid work force a tiny little bit. 

Oct 16 2019

She says she took on three jobs (not just the Daily Beast one). It would be hard, but if she stayed healthy and has no responsibilities like expensive kids- it’s just possible.

Oct 14 2019

It wasn’t really a dream, or not one I remember. I just woke up out of the drugs, saw my brother and said, “The baby died.” I knew it had happened. He had just found out over the phone in another building. 

Oct 13 2019

I definitely notice this, especially when I’m at the house of someone with a really good sound system. Any music, explosions, etc are WAY too loud and then the dialogue is way too quiet. It seems like it’s been becoming a worse problem over the last several years. People have explained why to me, but all I remember is Read more

Oct 12 2019

Yep, that’s what I meant about having friends who are powerless (with the police) themselves.

Oct 11 2019

I thought about that with the woman who was strangled in the story. How is that not ‘apparent?’

Oct 11 2019

I agree with all that you said, except Ridgway mostly killed white women (over half from the pics). They were still ignored because they were marginalized women. Ridgway is in some ways even more striking because (as far as I know) he killed women in a fairly localized area and everyone knew there was a serial killer Read more

Oct 11 2019

I agree, these people get away with it because they target women who no one cares about or the people who do care are so powerless themselves that the cops ignore them. If there is no one culturally powerful to beat on the police to find her if she’s missing or find her killer if she is found, they don’t try very Read more