Nov 6

I think he may have tried putting his big boy pants on recently and they split at the seams. 

Sep 25

I used an IUD not to get pregnant. Simultaneously, I used condoms not to get an STD.

Aug 12

If he is “...not reflective of our department,” then why is he still a member of your department?

Jul 21

At some point i hope to see a complete list of all the things America was willing to change before they would begrudgingly stop police from killing so many Black people. Read more

Jul 17

Definitely keep an eye on those Russian Blue cats. I hear they may be making an alliance with a certain Geriatric Mutant Legislative Turtle.

Jun 18

There’s no way he read it though.  Hitler didn’t mention him enough.

Jun 4

It is weird that they want to burn it all down, yet can’t last a month without a haircut. It’s almost like they haven’t thought it through or something.

May 19

Considering 9/11??? Were you paying attention? Our president babbled Halliburton Christian nonsense from atop the ruins and started a war in the WRONG COUNTRY over that shit. Read more

Apr 21

This is ridiculous. Companies are saying they want to help. They have press releases and spokespeople and all that stuff. Now you expect them to do things too? When will you stop moving the goalposts?

Apr 9

The thing that’s really surprised me was this... over the last few weeks, as COVID-19 has been running rampant across America, and people were being laid off and let go left and right and all this fear and uncertainty was coming about who would get medical care and how much it would cost... Read more