pibber can't swim

Remember, she only won by roughly ~550 Votes in 2022 - Please consider donating to Adam Frisch here (every little bit helps): Read more

I just wanna say, look – if you don’t hear it from these lips, don’t believe it. OK?” Read more

In other news, the chair of one of DeSantis’s PACs who claimed he had a business degree turned out to be referring to a Sizzler certification course he took when he was 19. None of that is made up. Read more

I agree. The whole “you knew what you were getting into” thing could be used against literally every employment issue there’s ever been. You don’t have to be friends with the people on this lawsuit. You don’t have to watch their shows. But just because you don’t want to be friends with them or don’t watch their show Read more

Because “small town” is just a dog whistle for a sundown town. Read more

Seriously. All I can figure is that the sameness makes everything seem alright. If you’re afraid of anything different, seeing the same familiar faces every day is like heaven. Read more

Why do people romanticize small towns so much anyway? Read more

Well it certainly beats listening to you Read more

I’m totally okay dismissing women using some pretty classic sexism around sports. Read more

Being successful at a sport does not qualify you to talk about larger issues in that sport. Athletic ability does not equate to the cognitive ability to understand ideas and concepts. Sure, she has personal experience for what it took for her to get there, but “the sport is masculine” and “not normal of a feminine Read more

My behavior, while not criminal, Read more

Taken is a movie my mom would have written if she could because it perfectly captures a human being's inability to accurately assess risk.  Read more

If they thought they could get away with it, they would literally shit on trans people. Read more

So reminds me of the 80's and 90's with all the morality and religion crap. Read more

Budweiser hanging her out to dry didn’t help their bottom line. It also gets to her point about abandoning a trans person being worse than not hiring one at all; that holds business-wise as well as morality-wise….if they’d stuck with her they *might* have had a chance of at least picking up some business from people Read more

Well, IMO, the perfect solution should be retroactively going after all the largest recipients of such waivers. Read more

We are living in a very cruel period of American history. Read more

The result here is that the Court substitutes itself for Congress and the Executive Branch in making national policy about student-loan forgiveness.” Read more

Offset always struck me as pretty shmegular. Read more

This is an unhelpful misogynist comment.  Read more