Phyrxes once again has a wagon!
Jul 12

Cyril is the only team boss who doesn’t worry about team orders: “don’t have to worry about pissing off your drivers when only one of your cars makes it to the checkered flag”

Jun 14

I think the T5 Drive-e 4 cylinder was not an option until 2015. If looking for a 4 cylinder, I would look for one after 2016 as by 2017 Volvo figured out the issue with the piston rings in the Drive-e 4 cylinder engines.

May 12

When GM has the better interior, you know the other one is a piece of shit lol

Feb 22

I will name my battleship the Donnager, and name my frigate the Tachi. Then, later on, I will rename the frigate the Rocinante.

Jan 30

It was my understanding that there would be no calculus.

Oct 27

We were robbed. Right as these were coming out, dieselgate happened. We were that close to having a diesel, AWD manual wagon....

Sep 13

I’ll amend that - it is usually a hybrid man-zone.  Many times one kids needs individual attention so the rest fall into zone coverage. 4 kids - twin boys 9, girls 11 and 13.

Aug 3 2019

As someone who spent the bulk of his career so far working in a youth serving nonprofit with a substantial volunteer base, I can say that parents are responsible for at least 4-5 times more problems and aggravation than their kids.