Phyrxes once again has a wagon!

My school is tiny, 300 kids K-12, we have enough classroom space that we are going to give in person with social distancing and by extension reduced class sizes a shot, I think my largest class right now 10. But even then group work isn’t really a thing so most lab work is going virtual as cleaning equipment isn’t Read more


That was the closest I could find using Wikipedia for platforms. The only way I think you would find more than the Epsilon platform would be something that was produced in eastern Europe where every little country had their own version of something basic like a Lada but sold it under a different nameplate.



Hypothetically speaking it sounds like your district will be up a creek in a screen canoe without a paddle if suddenly a portion of their teachers all have family medical leave act reasons to not be on campus.

The next county over from me which was debating a similar hybrid approach pivoted back to all online Read more

Aug 13

I go back next week, its been surreal to watch all the public schools around here waffle on plans involving hybrid models and due to various reasons, mostly staffing, shift to online only. Read more

Aug 7

Hood, front quarter, driver door, headlight assembly, and call it a mirror with paint and what not. I’m with 9k in whatever flavor of dollar you choose.

Aug 6

I’m convinced its because the average consumer “isn’t able to manage” a traditional or if you will old school order sheet for options. Now that we live in an era of packages we have dealerships who gamble on the common options and colors selected by their customers and buy those to populate their lot.

Many customers Read more

Aug 2

Nice video set up, are you going to be able to push your videos to the kids through your LMS or are you going to have to share them another way?

Aug 2

Nice it looks like an actual “learning cottage” not in the derogatory portable classroom use of the word either. How long are you guys online until they “re-evaluate?

Jul 28

We picked up one of the cheaper Goal Zero nomad kits at school to run a LED scoreboard outside. The field doesn’t have any power run to it so it was go batteries and solar or run a generator.

I think we got this one:
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Jul 27

I tend to buy either last year’s flagship or the one down from it. My current phone is a pixel 3 that I picked up almost a year ago when the pixel 3a was announced. I can’t see myself going back to a “non-pixel phone,” latest version of android and timely updates without having to wait for my carrier to get around to Read more