Shannon Miller
10:29 PM

i was like.... 90% sure, but those pictures weren’t straight on juuuuust enough that i was like.... is this a wild artistic choice?

also i’d watch gary walsh in old age makeup as the corporate dad, for the record

2:01 PM

To imply that ALL ART created before the current day is toxic and tainted due to negative elements in society at the time. Read more

1:57 PM

I...I think you may have missed the wider point there...

12:27 PM

I was surprised, yeah. I mean, it IS different. Steven if half of Greg already... he’s sorta the fusion of Greg and Pink. What would a fusion of Steven and Greg even be?  3/4 Greg 1/4 Pink?  I mean, it was off the beaten path enough that I hadn’t considered it.

9:18 AM

Good job on whoever guessed “Steg Multi-verse” back in the comments for the movie review!

9:46 AM

I LOVED Claudia. I loved that she was so artsy, I loved that she had snacks hidden everywhere. I WANTED floor boards so I could hide snacks. (I also was not allowed sugar). I loved mysteries and Nancy Drew, I felt that Claudia was the Asian me... I grew up in a predominantly white suburban middle class area and I Read more

9:35 AM

What I liked about this season was how Brooke was given a juicy character arc, and was allowed to pay off on it without being cliched. Even when she wasn’t the center of the show, the things she did moved the plot along. Read more

2:20 PM

You know how sometimes after a while all it takes is one moment to really see a person? That’s what happened for me with Nash on When They See Us. Felt like opening my eyes for the first time. She’s pretty great.
Read more

1:39 PM

I LOVE NIECY NASH SO MUCH. Reno 911 was the best and she was a revelation as Didi. Getting On was spectacular. The whole cast was a dream. I even miss Clean House in the Niecy era. I’m so happy to watch her continued success.

12:00 PM

Those are some refreshing comments about directing. Usually when an actor gets to direct a show they’re on all you hear about is wonderful but banal platitudes. It’s rare to hear someone admit that TV directors have to sacrifice their creativity in order to fit in with the house style.

9:45 AM

She is one of my favorite actresses. I love her in Reno 911 (still miss that one) and just the subtly she brings to Getting On! Can’t wait to check out some of these other roles I  might have missed! 

2:08 PM

I LOVE LATRICE and seeing her in this series is so great. She’s also not wrong about the Verde sauce. All the sauces are good, but why would you get rid of the one unique one and just keep the 4 different levels of heat? Mild is just delicious. Medium and Hot are pointless—they’re not even that hot. Diablo is good and Read more

12:52 PM

I didn’t act like it was a personal affront, I mocked you for your dumb “joke” where you stopped reading because an artist described taking artistic license. I didn’t say anything about myself, which would be what taking personal offense would look like. Again, you’re getting overreacting to innocuous stuff, that’s Read more