Mike Griffith
Jul 9 2014

I'm confused as to how they will get any decent data from arguably the worst car on the grid. It might be faster than the Saubers/Caterhams/Marussias, but it definitely is the worst car to drive and get data from. Read more

Jul 7 2014

Definitely can't forget the pass Alonso put on Vettel to put him ahead in the first place, on lap 35 at Copse. Read more

Jun 23 2014

Holy crap dude, sick shot! You're getting too good at this photo thing.

Jun 17 2014

Learned on my first car in high school, an '89 two-tone 240sx with blown coilovers and a welded diff. Had a stage one clutch, and the bite point was impossible to find for at least a week. Read more

Jan 10 2014

You're not fooling anyone...We all know you wrote this just for that last line.

Dec 9 2013

Definitely not expensive...Under 5k for these things, because they build them themselves and buy already-trashed shells. Read more

Nov 22 2013

It's something you will never understand until you actually go to an event and get in a car. Keichi Tsuchiya (The Drift King) said it best: Read more

Nov 15 2013

Best way to improve your automotive photography is to SHOOT. Shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. Panning just simply takes practice; literally anyone who picks up a camera can do it. Read more

Oct 21 2013

FYI, that audio clip is pulled from this classic D1GP crash with Saito and Kawabata.

Oct 3 2013

'Cause when you bang off the limiter for 20-30 seconds every run and you drive all day, that thang needs some air con.

Sep 22 2013

Mark Webber was also given a reprimand for this, which makes it his 3rd of the season...That means he gets a 10-place grid penalty in Korea. Read more

Sep 20 2013

It was awesome to see such great films with such great people. Hopefully you guys do it again in the NYC area, I know I'd be there again in a heartbeat.