Jul 12 2014

You're a complete idiot. Should've been you instead of Jean's kid.

Jul 12 2014

Wow... Humor is not necessary or welcome in EVERY fucking situation. Especially this one. You're a soulless fuck

Jul 12 2014

Your disgraceful, horrendous attempt at humor is not alleviated by the "seriously..." sign off.

Mar 23 2014

Why wouldn't he just put a bottle of grey goose in a cooler?

Feb 9 2014

Because Rob Ford or Bugs Bunny sawing off Florida would've been too timely and relevant.

Feb 4 2014

This is as far back as it goes. It's been a fun journey, Phin, but I have to venture back to 2014. I'll tell ya, 2009 just wasn't meant for an old marmol like myself.

Dec 3 2013

I know you're a huge commenter on Deadspin but that's a really shitty thing to post about someone getting murdered. Was that lame joke really THAT important that you just couldn't refrain from posting it?

Nov 12 2013

Ok, I'll bite...I don't understand that comment you linked to. What's the joke/point? He mentions Yes, Pynchon, St. Peter, Kemp and Rakim...okay. What's the connection?

Nov 7 2013

The Leys must have owned a shitload of slaves because Tom has more white guilt than any blogger I've ever seen

Apr 18 2012

LeBron will never win a title in this league. I can see that after watching his little rappy-hippity-hoppity handshake with JayZ. That told me everything I need to know about LeBron. He's not a leader.