Sep 6 2017

I hate to be that guy, but Raleigh-Durham is the airport. Raleigh and Durham are separate cities and are about as alike as Newark and New York. So please, drop the hyphen and use a comma.

Jul 31 2017

The polyester foam you suggest women use is the same polyester foam that as in Rely tampons. How did this fact not make it into the piece? If your expert didn’t know that’s a pretty big deal. Tampons are also class II medical devices so medically they are a big deal. Again, your expert should know that. Sea sponges Read more

Jul 30 2017

You don’t wear tampons during sex! Your comparison makes no logical sense! Tampons have a string to remove them, makeup sponges don’t! What’s wrong with you??

Jul 28 2017

You are answering the question of whether or not it would be easier or more convenient. You are incorrectly answering whether it would be safer. You have to realize that.

Jul 28 2017

This seems like wildly irresponsible advice - bordering on GOOP territory.

Jul 6 2017

*famous person says something fundamentally supportive in an imperfect way that is emblematic of a much larger problem: which is that white, cis, straight people refuse to recognize the spectrum, influence, and importance of queer history and culture.

Mar 16 2017

I don’t understand this concept that wives must be angry about their husbands going out. It looked to me like he was having fun and playing around. It’s not like he was grinding up on somebody. I may be married but that doesn’t mean my husband and I don’t spend time apart with friends. My guess is Kate gives 0 fucks. Read more

Mar 3 2017

I swear I wake up every morning waiting for the final domino to fall in this atrocious presidency. Then I call my senators (who don’t answer of course) sign 25 petitions that feel totally futile, and refresh my web pages incessantly until it’s time to drink myself into a stupor, fall asleep and do it all again the Read more

Mar 2 2017

recusing himself now, after the allegations, when he refused to recuse himself before (even though, like, his status as “former campaign surrogate” obviously hasn’t changed) says “I’m guilty but the GOP’s spine fell out of its collective butt so let’s split the diff, mmmkay?”

Feb 1 2017

Yes, but Reddit is a privately owned operation so they can do whatever the fuck they want, thank god. They are under no obligation to give those shit-munchers a platform. Read more