May 4

First off...that’s awesome. Basically my childhood fantasy. However, I will note that it looks awfully fragile. Almost as if moving it extended would make the lit part wobble separately from the hilt. I can’t exactly tell, but it almost looks like you get a hint of that once it extends. She’s very careful to stay Read more

Apr 26

I can deal with Boseman not winning. What we’re not going to do is pretend Hopkins is some trash choice for best actor. What I think most folks are irked about is how the Academy used Boseman’s death for hype and eyeballs and delivered nothing really honoring him. What was the goal here? Even the charitable aspect of Read more

Apr 26

Hmmmm... I wonder who had this idea first....

Apr 20

“Son of Sun and Knight of Night” sounds like something I would have come up with when I was writing superhero poetry when I was 11. Which, yeah, Zack Snyder, checks out. Read more

Mar 24

Alf’s card should read “Gordon Shumway.” Alf is like xenomorph (foreign-shape); it could just as easily apply to the whole lineup. 

Dec 19

God no I love watching ridiculous bad movies in general but this is just bad and tough to watch. Batman forever I feel is the watchable awful silver age one, this one isnt. Read more

Dec 19

It’s been a couple decades, now, I think we can all just admit it: for a certain version of Batman, Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin kind of rules.”

I must have seen that other version of Batman and Robin, ‘cause the one I watched absolutely sucked.

Dec 18

Fox Kids Spider-man is what nostalgia (even though I was out of high-school by then, weird) should drive me to pick as the best but the fact is Spectacular Spider-man is by far the best (probably because about everything Greg Weisman is involved in is superior). I was so bitter after it was cancelled (along with Read more

Dec 18

Ya its totally nostalgia but man nothing beats the Fox Kids Spider-Man as a straight up comic adaptation. It had all those classic storylines done well and even had the first on-screen Marvel shared universe.

Dec 17

Well, balls, that is just one more hit for this year. I met him at his home several years ago and he was very polite and charming. I do not look forward to this one coming true:

Dec 2

Worth noting for Farscape fans, he also played the great villain Grunchlk in several episodes of the show and miniseries. He was positively odious (in the most delightful way) in that. Great actor 

Dec 2

Everyone witness Hugh in this thread. He belongs in Valhalla, after all...

Oct 22

At that point in time, Han isn’t a good guy. He’s a criminal, in debt to other, more dangerous, criminals. He's desperate. That's why he takes the Kenobi job "no questions asked."