PG; the scalpel wielder
Mar 12

I hadn't realized that the Bambinos were so cheap! Maybe I should buy one....

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Feb 24

occasionally I’m tasked to relieve a car of smoke odor, I use this stuff after I clean as much as humanly possible. Have the carpet and seats extracted (or get a Bissel Green Machine or the like and do it yourself) then completely clean all hard surfaces including the soap and water or simple green and Read more

Feb 16

Isn’t this classic GM? They’ve always been shit at building cars and shitter at adapting to change. I feel like they’ve been getting by for 50 years, because Americans want American cars and Australians think Holden is more Australian than it is. But they really never recovered from the Japanese taking their market in Read more

Nov 30

This is why it isn’t about range, but charging time. 20 minutes is 15 minutes too long. Get it down to 5 minutes to a full charge, i.e. gas fuelling times, and the problem is solved. That is the edge the electric car needs to be the future.

Sep 8

those shots are actually quite good. the top has lovely framing. i saw one yesterday on the freeway. they sound fantastic!

Jul 18 2019

I’ve done dumb or shitty things in my life, but at least I didn’t vote for this shitshow.

Jul 18 2019

Photographed this last year; the owner was super chill, definitely more “enthusiast” than “bought this to show off.” Sounded relieved when I knew what it actually was; most people have never heard of it.

Jun 6 2019

It won’t, but I do want to buy a house; however, paying it off now would enable me to save that money back up.