Oct 8 2019

I think Bosa’s attitude had less to do with old college grudges than with the well known fact he just hates the browns. 

Sep 24 2019

The real question, judging from that picture, is how far has Gladwell gone down the Cosmo Kramer rabbit hole?? Now that looks like a serious rabbit hole! Read more

Dec 19 2017

Just want to say thank you for all your work, especially your incredible investigative pieces year after year. Deadspin is a great place for dick jokes and making fun of Austin Rivers, but for me, no author’s byline here commands as much attention as yours.

Dec 18 2017

“The receiving player must maintain full control of the ball from the initial point of contact all the way through CTE diagnosis.”

Dec 17 2017

Richardson was apparently very disappointed to learn he had to sell the whole team rather than each player individually.

Nov 7 2017

Have you ever given your opinion on a matter unrelated to your profession? Have you ever given your opinion on a coach’s decision, a politician’s platform, a tax plan, an actor’s range, or a geopolitical issue? Surely you’re not an expert on these matters, so maybe you should stay in your lane too. Read more

Nov 6 2017

No. You’re missing the point. The point is that nobody, and I mean nobody, needs to be able to buy an AR.

Oct 4 2017

More than 10 times a day. And it really, truly is mentally and spiritually exhausting. I can’t imagine how much worse it would be if I were one of the dozens of millions of people who sit more squarely in the crosshairs of the cruelty and hatred he embodies.

Sep 26 2017

i, too, hate it when i accidentally do a public racism.

Nov 3 2016

My grandfather died without ever having seen the cubs win the world series. So, my Dad, ever the crazy asshole he is, brought a radio out on the porch so gramps could listen in from heaven. We all thought he was going out there to jack off, but nope he was going out there to be with his Dad, which I thought was sweet. Read more

Aug 9 2016

Given Tebow’s power and accuracy, I’d say his cutoff man will be the person in Section 133, Row A, Seat 12.

Jun 5 2016

This article is missing some insults hurled at manbaby Dana White. He is terrible.

May 28 2015

We put a lot of time looking into character and factors that go into selection and retention of players. Color’s never been one of them. But since ‘black’ is by definition ‘the absence of color,’ we absolutely take it into consideration.”

Apr 30 2015

There’s something vicious and wonderful about not wanting to improve your own team, but rather to smother another team’s dynasty in the crib.