Jul 10

The scene where he repeatedly crushes Marv’s head with bricks is some real sick shit”

Sep 24

William Fichtner + Christopher Walken from Batman Returns = the man in that picture

Feb 7 2017

This was 4 or 5 years ago. There were bad snowstorms across the midwest. Our flight from St Louis to Chicago was cancelled, and no rental cars were available. I would’ve stayed in a hotel, but one of our party absolutely had to get home. Read more

Jul 6 2016

I believe the new feature is Memories, not Moments. Sorry to be that guy.

Jun 20 2016

Sounds very promising. What I really can’t wait for is the ability to send SMS from my Chromebook, and I mean natively through the OS, not via a 3rd party app like MightyText.

May 31 2016

Nice list. I’d recommend checking out Piktures as well (Android). One of my favorite apps. Read more

May 24 2016

“The change also means that @replies, or tweets that being with the username of another Twitter user, will reach all of your Twitter followers.” Read more

Jun 25 2014

I really really want to know what he said before he ran down the stairs. It could be comedy gold.

Nov 19 2013

I can't make out exactly what he says there - anyone?