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Dec 11 2019

Can’t imagine what you mean, he didn’t say a word about Rogue One.

Jun 12 2019

And somehow the idea that Facebook is doing the exact same thing to push ads is nonsense.

Apr 3 2019

Pfft. My 30 year old volvos can change lanes with no driver input and it works better if you take your hands off the wheel.

Dec 20 2018

Jesus that’s what the site looks like without uBlock?

Oct 29 2018

This whole “no headphone jack” tantrum has to stop.

Get over it.

Aug 21 2018

Meanwhile a plane carrying Pre Malone landed earlier without incident. A federal manhunt has begun for Actual Malone, who has vanished without trace.

Dec 1 2017

Jeremy Clarkson reads headline, gets up and drives to the Tower Bridge and just before jumping says,”I’ve taught them nothing.”

Aug 31 2017

“There were over 30 guys who tried to attack me. HUGE guys. Big. All of them were foreigners. They all said they voted illegally. I won this state you know that? by a huge margin. they didn’t like that. All 60 of the people who attacked me from that car said they were illegal hillary supporters. but I talked to Read more