Sep 28

Trump fucking his supporters up the ass with a soup can is always a plus to them.  Deep down, they know they deserve it.

Sep 22

Americans need to get their Healthcare situation in order.
GoFundMes for medical expenses is inhumane and have no part in a 1st world country.

Sep 15

“So I’ve heard,” the mysterious voice from earlier adds again, this time revealing that Din is talking to what appears to be an Abyssin in the crowd of this arena, a cycloptic species from the planet Byss. We previously saw an Abyssin in the background of A New Hope’s Mos Eisley Cantina scenes!

Mar 13

I’ve honestly lost track, but after the New 52 he was Red Robin for a while, now I think he’s just Drake, in a terrible brown suit.

Feb 12

As someone socially awkward that never knows what to say until after the conversation has ended, I found The Doctor’s response honest, open, and refreshing. Instead of giving Graham platitudes that mean nothing, she let him know she was listening but didn’t have the words he wanted to hear. At least she listened and Read more

Feb 5

Even more so than most of Gibson’s work The Peripheral really just throws you in the deep end. I picked up Agency from the library yesterday and was trying to describe The Peripheral to my wife and daughter. It’s really like if you took a current novel set in 2020 and gave it to a reader in 1820. Stick with it, it’s Read more