May 8

Also, the music (some of it by Brian Eno!). You can totally sing along with the opening theme by chanting the movie’s title. You can’t do this with a whole lot of movies.

Mar 13

I’ve honestly lost track, but after the New 52 he was Red Robin for a while, now I think he’s just Drake, in a terrible brown suit.

Feb 12

As someone socially awkward that never knows what to say until after the conversation has ended, I found The Doctor’s response honest, open, and refreshing. Instead of giving Graham platitudes that mean nothing, she let him know she was listening but didn’t have the words he wanted to hear. At least she listened and Read more

Feb 5

Even more so than most of Gibson’s work The Peripheral really just throws you in the deep end. I picked up Agency from the library yesterday and was trying to describe The Peripheral to my wife and daughter. It’s really like if you took a current novel set in 2020 and gave it to a reader in 1820. Stick with it, it’s Read more

Jan 23

Hard pass. One of the great things about comics getting adaptations is that we’ve had so many that have managed to improve upon the mistakes of the originals. The Boys adaptation is one of those - a different animal from the source comics, which essentially became the puerile edgelord fantasy that some of Ennis’s Read more

Jan 9

Bright was basically Alien Nation with magical creatures instead of aliens. On that basis, it should have been good or at least fun. It turned out to be more of a slog. Watching a movie shouldn’t feel like it’s testing your patience.

Jan 9

I preferred All the Birds. I thought City was a little unfocused. Like she had a lot of great ideas and couldn’t find a way to develop them all and get them to really work together. I thought City was good, but I thought there was a really great book hidden in there somewhere.. Birds was simpler, but more complete Read more

Jan 8

I bet Will Poulter feels like the guy who played young Ned Stark just totally stabbed him in the back. 

Dec 18

Never forget that Luke’s nickname among his Anchorhead friends was “Wormie.”