P. Emmanuel

Actually it just says that Congress cant make laws prohibiting or abridging free speech. It protects from the government not the people.

Don’t forget, contracts were so important to the Founders that they were enshrined in the Constitution: Read more

He looks like a every guy that’s every hit on me while I was living in LA.

Of interest: The porn industry is quicker to drop someone over allegations of rape than the NFL or NCAA.

In this case, madness takes the form of performance enhancing drugs.

I’m going to be a little sad watching Daniel Murphy hit 40 HR’s in Yankee Stadium after the Mets let him walk after the season.

No, you are not being too grumpy at all. This is wildly tasteless and ill-conceived.

As a Jew, I’m really not sure how to unpack this. I’m not religious in the sense that I go to temple or keep kosher or observe Shabbos ( although I may need to incorporate some of this due to JujyJunior), but I dunno if I like this. I don’t impose my views on other folks but this seems like a weird mix of celebrating Read more

“... the only difference between him and a Republican is that he says he’s not one.” Read more

I’m growing more and more uncomfortable with the seemingly increasing progressive notion that people’s backgrounds must be fully delved into and punishment doled out for things they did years and years ago, retroactive, permanent punishment. It strikes me as so anti-liberal. Read more

Whatever, I’d totally watch this. 1) I used to live across the street from John Legend and he was THE nicest dude, me and my friend always ran into him when we were studying at the coffee shop on the corner of our block, and he knew we were in law school and would stop to ask us how studying was going. 2) People give Read more

Because culturally-reinforced exclusivity is bad.

I’ll just have you know that my Fridays at work are spent hitting refresh until Shade Court gets posted.

This is good, but it’ll just send me in a spiral of listening to all the Monument remixes over and over again. Not that I’m complaining.

I didn’t need it to be some revolutionary service. I just needed it to be a good service that I enjoyed using. I needed it to fix a lot of the UI and UX issues I had with Spotify. I needed it to have a great library and a good locker service. Read more