P. Emmanuel

Please make this a weekly or even daily column

I'm just going to start feeling sad for him because look how sad those eyes are

Wait so does "well, I'll keep you posted," mean that she's going to go on a manhunt for her. I'd watch the shit out of that episode.

...And into the Gowanus and the Hudson....pretty much every waterway. It's actually the bane of the people trying to fix up the Gowanus's existence because they keep trying to beautify it, and then shit keeps getting thrown in it.

Yeah I exercise but running sucks balls (lol), but this makes me actually want to run. I don't want to copy her exactly but maybe I'll pick up a FitBit (that sounds dirty too), and start running around the neighborhood making shapes now.

I didn't say it wasn't awesome. It is! But NYC is just a smidgen bigger, richer, and home to a lot more tech companies, so it's kind of embarrassing that Chattanooga is eating our lunch.

I kind of thinks corporate mergers are inevitable at this point in the cable industry. A better alternative would be for New York to start its own municipal wifi, 4g, or broadband service. Smaller cities across the country have, and they actively compete with the shitbags at Comcast and Time Warner. Public investment Read more

Terry Richardson is terrible, we can all agree on that. But I'm pretty sure the pics Jezebel obtained were just low quality or uploaded weirdly. There's no way a professional photographer could do an entire photoshoot of blurry pics.

I also think he's a no-talent hack but to be fair I'm pretty sure those blurry ones are just low quality. There's no way you could retouch those to make them look like they did. If he's taking photos that blurry he needs an eye doctor (as well as a fuckin psychologist).