Married one, defended another (sibling or no that’s dumb as fuck) Read more

It is indeed heartbreaking that her Black Life doesn’t seem to matter as much. Everyone should know this little girl’s name, and what Jaslyn wanted to be when she grew up.
Instead, an attempted murderer is martyred and folks write articles full of blatant lies. Makhia should not have died(nor been trying to knife Read more

One of the most frustrating things in these kinds of situations is people like you posting all kinds of opinions based on the things we now know, hours/days after the shooting and from the comfort of our couches. So while your anecdote about the big black kid you played football with is lovely and your sentiments re Read more

Easy enough solution - increased immigration. Read more

I’d tell you to go fuck yourself, but I wouldn’t want you to have a good time.  Read more

“Your parents raised you to be compassionate, non-judgmental, tolerant of others and open-minded. And despite our best efforts, it looks like those attitudes may be incurable.” Read more

Catholics. The most judgy of all the Christers. Read more

Fellow Texan here. Greg Abbott will never stand up for Texas. Read more

It is going to be a nursing home bacchanal tonight. Geriatric chlamydia is our next pandemic. Read more

A former friend of mine decided, after Trump won in 2016 (and after having a lot of friends turn their back on him when he decided to go full-racist, One America News, Trump-fellating jackass) did the whole “I’m sick of these liberals and their taxes! We’re moving to Texas!” and left California for ‘greener pastures’. Read more

A mention of TOWIE in an article about The Crown has made my day, thank you.

The white tears must be making a new ocean, because nothing gives racist white people, old, young and middle aged the vapors quicker then calling them out publicly on their bullshit. That and reminding them that the God they run to is not the same God who decided the only way to win was to send his son to suffer and Read more

Wait, that’s a woman?  That’s not Jon Voight? Read more

Nerd alert....

I’ve been trying to move out of the US since March, but the US is a fucking Covid shit show and I've been stuck here. Read more

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There can only be token in a movie

Please let him die on Christmas Day. Read more

The Royal family is about as modern as the Pope is cool. All William and Harry did differently was pick their own wives. Those wives completely transformed their lives to fit into royalty while the men did nothing to change theirs. So THAT didn’t really change. Read more

What about the ones who worked hard, got a full-time job while in college and graduated with debt? What about the ones who only partied every other night? What about the ones who never partied but were still financially “irresponsible?” Read more

“But Mulattos are so weaponized...”