Aug 1

The eye of hell moves over Texas and parks it’s ass over here until mid October if we’re lucky.

Mar 15

Thank you for the work that you’re doing.  Nursing isn’t an easy gig in the best of times.  I hope you can find the time & energy to take care of yourself.

Mar 15

That’s terrible, I am so sorry you’re in that situation.

Feb 15

It takes about 6 months to acclimatize to a different climate, and a good winter coat and boots/shoes will go a long way.

Feb 12

I took a screenshot of my bank account with my tax return so I can remember what if feels like to have cash. :D

Feb 3

Lol true. I’ve noticed aside from calling him a “socialist” they haven’t really gone after him. Mostly same for all the white male candidates tbh. They went after Biden pretty hard in the beginning, but even then it wasn’t as bad as PoC/female candidates get just by existing. 

Nov 20

Pretty much why I have to find a new job after about four years. They keep piling shit on until I just can’t take it anymore then find something else. 

Nov 1

The Royal family is about as modern as the Pope is cool. All William and Harry did differently was pick their own wives. Those wives completely transformed their lives to fit into royalty while the men did nothing to change theirs. So THAT didn’t really change. Read more

Sep 17

Why do people have babies with partners who are untrustworthy?? (Rhetorical and not to you, obviously) Read more

Aug 28

Made the mistake of slipping to my mom this morning that I feel like we’re not getting any help compared to my grandma whose parents gave her land to build a house on, my uncle who inherited land/house, my parents who were given the equivalent of $1000/month from my GMA when they were first married, my dad whose Read more

Jul 24 2019

There was no mention in Flamingo’s post of the first created police force or all police forces in the world. Just that organized police (and since we’re speaking of slavery in this country one can surmise that it’s referencing police in this country) were create first to catch slaves then because of the fear of freed Read more

Jun 10 2019

I don’t know, all the black people in America keep bearing to live in America and bearing when there’s a systemic endeavor to arrest them more, accuse them more, punish them more unfairly, frame them for crimes, incarcerate while innocent, you name it. How many wrongly accused black people deal with the culture and Read more

May 19 2019

What about the ones who worked hard, got a full-time job while in college and graduated with debt? What about the ones who only partied every other night? What about the ones who never partied but were still financially “irresponsible?” Read more