Sep 7 2018

Yall my in laws are big mad about Nike and I am living for it lol. Really the only problem is Nike clothes are ugly

Mar 27 2017

Shit just plain career advice. I’m over my current job. My feelings about the management and coworkers aside I’m on

Jan 5 2017
Fuck everything y'all

Shannon Doherty has breast cancer. Fuckin Prue Haliwell is facing off with the evilest motherfucker on the planet.

Oct 29 2016

So I’ve been having a hard time lately, like a really bad time. I stopped even trying to post in the 3 Good Things

Oct 3 2016

So my coworkers were talking about Kim getting robbed and how this was clearly all a fraud, because Kanye is crazy.

Aug 18 2016
Hey guess what

I hate knitting now and FUCK THAT SHIT!!! So much rage, so much impotent rage. This tree is the tree of misery and

Jul 23 2016

The Consort has Tom Sawyered me and I’m more impressed than anything. Today is my one day off and he wanted to go

Jul 20 2016

Y’all I think Melania was set up by Taylor Swift. Think about it, who has the most to gain from all of this? Who has

Jul 14 2016

So I worked for 12 hours and came back to a car with ants and spiders. I guess the aunts went for the food and the

Jul 12 2016
I'm Trapped

My laundry is at the apt laundromat. There is a granddaddy cockroach hanging out on my front window. I have to pass