To be ungrayed! And also to get back to the gym regularly. I was doing great until I moved in the middle of last year and then procrastinated finding a new gym.

This is Ghost after his first trip to the Park.

Agreed! Return of Saturn is fucking fantastic.

There is a billboard in Wisconsin I drive past every time I go to visit my parents. It says “Smile! Your mom was pro-life!” Except she’s not. She had an abortion before she was pregnant with me. If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t exist. So I smile because she is pro-choice instead.

Yeah, that seems about right, at least when I have the time. I probably spend about 10 minutes washing my face, brushing my teeth and hair, then 10-15 minutes on makeup, and 10 minutes to get dressed. Even longer if I shower and dry my hair. Read more

It is at every meal without fail. Usually it is green, but this time it was orange. Sometimes there is celery in it.

Another reason I wasn't excited about going to my in-laws. Jello fucking salad. Read more

I can post something later, or feel free. I hate writing more than two sentences from my phone.

Damn you, Longfellow Grill and your delicious Blackberry Poblano Margaritas.

I support at St Paul meet up. It's about time to start planning the next one I think!

I have enough kale growing in my garden to 10 people who really love kale. I'll post a sign up sheet.


I'll be there in May. This must get in my mouth.

Ok. I'll trust you. I don't think I've ever actually had one. It's just so hard to imagine something worse than brown candle wax.

I usually hate white chocolate but I fucking love those Cookies n Cream bars. Read more

Well if had happened at any other restaurant, my reaction might have been different. It was at one of my favorite farm-to-table places and for whatever reason, that made me freak out less. I don't really understand why either.

Weirdest thing I've found in my food? A live moth. My salad started flapping and I freaked out and murdered it with my fork. The server was very nice and I got a remade meal and a free piece of pie, so it was all good. At least it must have been really fresh lettuce?