Jun 12

As a Canadian I just want to say how fucked up what Jessica Mulroney did. She’s on TV as a nepotism hire (her husband, the son of a former Prime Minister, has been an entertainment tv host for years). She is the waspiest wasp lady ever. Sasha Exeter made a video asking people in the fashion industry to do better Read more

Jun 10

All you need to know is they are both terrible and one of them is a racist and one of them dgaf about Covid. The end. Yes all Stassi(e)s.

Jun 8

They have both lost the majority of their sponsors which is the only reason they're apologizing.

Jun 8

This! Stassi, Kristen, Brittany, Lala, Jax, Max, Brett... Like how much racism is enough for LVP or Andy to take a stand? This is just as much on them as on Stassi and Kristen, even though it didn’t happen on camera.

Jun 8

Yes! It’s beyond. They went out of their way to try and get this woman arrested, without a single thought about Faith’s safety or what could happen to her as a black woman in that situation. She didn’t even do anything (except what Stassi and Kristen have also done, sleep with Jax), nevermind anything that warrants Read more

Jun 8

Schroeder and Doute are only speaking out because they lost sponsors aka income. They don’t care. They’re terrible people. Neither one of them has actually apologized privately/directly to Faith (according to Faith, who is the only believable person in this situation). They not only called the police on her, they Read more

Jun 5

Alicia SILVERSTONE, Megan! Don't slander Alicia Keys like that, she's not chewing up her food and spitting it in her kids mouth, the blonde lady is.

Jun 1

Fuck these people. They had doctors and others advise them against the adoption because of the severity of his needs, which they used to monitize themselves. The first three years of a child’s life are so important for development, I can’t imagine what removing him from his siblings and environment is going to do to Read more

May 30

Rich white man cries about old statue while black people are crying for police to stop murdering them.

May 28

It feels more of a response to Lana Del Rey’s nonsense as she has actually stated “in definitely not racist” and said she’s “not racist” several times in her shitty-still-not-getting-it-and-silencing-none-white-voices bullshit. But I truly do not know, too many racist statements to chose from, it’s fucking sad.

May 28

It isn’t anybody’s business, but it also wouldn’t be a story if Hailey and Justin didn’t keep giving it attention. No one gives a shit what Dr Nobody has to say about Hailey until both Hailey and Justin repeatedly drew giant arrows pointing to it.

May 24

They were actually super helpful for a friend of mine when we were trying to get her help. I'm sorry you're experience wasn't the same. I agree they aren't always consistent or helpful, but sometimes they are.

May 21

Just saw your other replies to articles where you defend white women accused of racism, or in your words, *faux racism*. Your reactions make me wonder if this is something you’ve personally been accused of cuz what a hill to die on, Karen?

May 21

lol you left out the other three black women she named to make it look balanced, and Camilla is Cuban American, but okay, keep getting mad about your perceived *faux racism*

May 21

For someone who states they're not a feminist this is some real white feminist bullshit.

May 15

So she’s not allowed to talk about her own personal experience with her mental health because... It’s different than your personal experience? I’m sorry you went through what you did, depression is brutal (I’m bipolar), but I understand what she’s saying as someone who is a life-long depressive. You have to find a way Read more

May 14

The tone of dirtbag shifts so much. Lauren and Garrett’s are fun, cheeky, and poke at celebs. Joan just comes across as bitter and angry. To each their own, but their less fun to read.