Tuesday 10:27AM

Ugh! Every time I see, “Disenchanted,” I think, “Disenchantment,” and hope it’s an announcement for S4.

5/28/21 1:43PM

Hey, all, commenting here since this seems to have the largest collection of feedback. We hear you all, this is not just an io9 thing but company wide and I am not happy about it either. We are attempting to get latest back for our page because well, that’s how normal people use the internet and some folks don’t get Read more

5/28/21 10:16AM

This new layout fucking sucks. If you’re going to do this, you at least have to put the newest articles at the top.

5/28/21 10:02AM

Is io9 finished? I’m not going to scroll through every category hunting for new articles. I’m not going to scroll through everything on Gizmodo either.

5/28/21 9:50AM

Well, this sucks. i09 was basically my homepage for 10+ (can’t believe it’s been that long) years. Now that it’s borderline unusable, does anyone have any suggestions for sites that cover similar things? I need a replacement. Read more

5/28/21 9:49AM

Yeah, if I can’t view content by most recent I’ll inevitably stop visiting the site even if I still like the content.  It’s just too hard to navigate.

5/28/21 9:44AM

The hell is this? I don’t go to Gizmodo, I go to io9, and now it’s incomprehensible. Why are you making us have to search for the newest articles? This is terrible website design. Please change it back. Please please please.

5/28/21 9:39AM

Jesus Christ this new site design is awful. Just terrible. Endless scrolling of articles was annoying. This is like a giant middle finger raised to your readers. So if showing contempt for the readers was the goal, well done. Otherwise, no.

5/28/21 9:34AM

This new layout is a load of shít, and very sad to see the domain name retired. Very sad indeed; some of us wanted just the “latest” SCiFi flavoured posts, not all the gizmodo stuff too.

5/27/21 8:56PM

Hi! The new homepage is absolute flaming garbage! And the solution we had for Kotaku, which was clicking “Latest” to get the content in chronological order as common fucking sense intends, doesn’t work if I want just io9 posts and not all of Gizmodo! This is bullshit!

5/22/21 1:48PM

I always assumed it was just blood dripping from his ribcage/organs.

4/29/21 4:02PM

I haven’t finished the series yet — even though I know villain turn is coming from prior articles, I’m assiduously avoiding spoilers — but to me there’s a bit of a Magneto vibe coming from General Kirigan, which may account for some of his appeal. He’s a charismatic leader of a people with unique powers, who has Read more

4/28/21 11:48PM

wrt the ladies on the cast - I had a hard time concentrating whenever Inej (anita suman) was on the screen because I was so distracted by how symmetrical her face is. but clearly the casting director went all out and found just the best looking bunch of human beings for this show.