6/05/21 3:00PM

And to think this Beast balked and left the X-Men when Cyclops reformed X-Force as a hit squad during the Utopia era.

6/05/21 2:59PM

Y’know, mutants building anti-human Sentinels is something that occurred to me might happen.  Emma already had some anti-Inhuman Sentinels built once...

6/01/21 2:56PM

I like Legion; running around trying to find the perfect operative just scratches some perfect Pokemon-with-guns itch I have, but even I’m not too interested in this, especially because of this: Read more

6/01/21 2:54PM

There’s a 20 minute preview video from IGN they released a couple of days ago, but they didn’t report on it here.

6/01/21 2:53PM

It’s coming, just y’know, in like August or something.  I’m sure someone will still be playing by then!

5/28/21 4:08PM

I know I got the top comment complaining about this, but I want to emphasize there’s no blame for you or the other guys. Nothing but love for the writers; at this point I think most of us know who to blame for this silliness.

5/23/21 11:59AM

Having spent a couple of months eagerly tinkering with Far Cry 5's Arcade editor, I can testify that getting this made had to have been a huge pain in the ass.  One, the build limit can be very restricting, and two, you’re limited to the objects already available in the creator, which is mostly modern American props Read more

5/21/21 4:23PM

I am aware, but almost all of those characters are alive in both time periods.

5/21/21 1:01PM

I don’t know if you know this, but Fennec Shand has only been in like 3 episodes of the Mandalorian so far. She could do with a little backstory and it’s not like Boba Fett himself showed up or anything (though give it time). Read more

5/14/21 1:43PM

I’m just waiting to see who gets cast as adult Omega for the post-ROTJ live action shows.

5/14/21 1:38PM

Writer, Larry Hama, who wrote basically all of the original GIJoe comic that was worth anything. But you’re right about him getting tangled up trying to keep up with the toy line. In fact, that bit Jeb_Hoge mentioned with Scrap-Iron blowing up the Soft Master (I think...?) and Danny, Cobra Commander’s son (comics!) Read more

5/13/21 7:56PM

As a comic-reading kid, the Firefly reveal was the first big plot-twist holy shit moment I can remember.  I don’t remember the details, except that all the pieces of the reveal had been sitting around unnoticed for years.  Or maybe it just all seemed as impressive as that because I was a kid. :)

5/13/21 7:52PM

The weirder part for me will probably be him having a space and speaking most of the movie.  I wonder how hamburger-y they’ll make him by the end (too optimistic?)

5/06/21 9:40AM

The “sacrifice the child to save the world” thing sounds right out of The Last of Us.

5/06/21 9:38AM

There was a new canon Star Wars comic a while ago where someone invoked Order 66 to turn a remnant Clone squad against some Inquisitors, so I guess it’s always there, ready to be activated. Read more

5/05/21 9:46AM

I liked it overall, despite feeling luke warm to the Bad Batch during their intro in the Clone Wars. I’m sure they’ll get the development to make them fan favorites over the course of the series, though. Read more

5/04/21 3:53PM

I think officially they’re “on the list” somewhere to be resurrected (but never will be by secret policy).  I don’t know if it’s specifically that Moira doesn’t want to face Destiny again (though that may be a factor) and more that they don’t want the Precogs sussing out what the three of them have been up to or where Read more

5/04/21 3:51PM

Importance-wise, the main X-Men title and Excalibur for the lead in to X of Swords, maybe followed by X-Force. I liked Marauders to start, but it’s kind of lost me a little, but it’ll be important for the forthcoming Hellfire Gala no doubt. X-Factor, SWORD, and Hellions have been my favorites. Fallen Angels is a waste Read more

5/03/21 3:10PM

Absolutely agree, and not least because I want a more comics-accurate Wolverine instead for the MCU. 100% down for him getting some play to honor his time with the character, though, kinda like Evan Peters in Wandavision.