Paul the Defiler
Mar 12

Yeah that’s the part that frustrated me the most, is the “implied overtime". Get the fuck out of here with that. Either make it mandatory, or don't punish people for leaving early. Like you said, there will always be workaholics, and I understand that ND are perfectionists. But working 10 AM to Midnight 7 days a week Read more

Mar 12

I’ve been through crunches like this (you can work over 100 hours a week, it turns out!). And seriously, we do crunch because we love the game and we want to make it better.
 But sometimes we crunch way more because of bad decisions, and what’s weird is that the worst crunches are always at the companies with the Read more

Mar 12

And on the worker end, there’s clearly enough new young programmers willing to do this that they aren’t struggling to find employees. Read more

Mar 12

Developers don’t need to wonder how long this can go on, the answer is clear - unless they strike and form a union, it will go on forever without much resistance. Go look at any articles, videos or posts about this on social media. The amount of people who are disgusted by this business approach are hilariously Read more

Mar 12

Some who work or worked for Naughty Dog say they believe that if the company doesn’t find a way to solve the crunch problem, it’ll solve itself through attrition. Read more

Dec 18

I missed that, I’m sorry. I would edit my comment but the window has passed. Now I'm irritated at myself! I apologize again.

Dec 10

Read car salesman takes advantage of elderly person- now if they offered it for this price then no, but if they were looking for ‘offers’ and he swept in showed them a blue book value and paid it he deserves to be sentenced to a long period of searching for 10mm sockets in a field of poison ivy

Aug 20 2019

and I find myself heartened by living in a culture where the curiosities of the “nerd” have not only been normalized, but also reflected in mass-market entertainment like Marvel and Star Wars.” Read more

Aug 16 2019

Well, I always thought Kareem was the greatest, but my Dad says he doesn’t work hard enough on defense.

Jul 30 2019

“watched today it’s practically a comedic parody, with many parts being unintentionally funny and flat out ridiculous” Read more

Jun 10 2019

Cool, I hope it happens and Tom immediately drops him into a kimura and shatters his arm before he can even attempt to tap. Read more

Aug 14 2015

Again, it depends on the status of the employee and the content being mentioned, and it’s not *universally* enforceable. Generally, media contact agreements have a scope of discussion. Speaking for myself, I’m universally able to communicate my position and responsibilities without interference, as well as describe Read more