6/20/14 11:24AM

Thanks for the wisdom after being married for AN ENTIRE MONTH and not actually having a real job, Kim.

6/20/14 10:18AM

Because that's how you spell it. It means "power" and was a popular rallying cry during the fight against apartheid. Sometimes people give their children names that aren't white and Western. I know it can be hard to deal with, but together we can make it through.

4/15/14 5:35PM

Since Jen Selter became "famous" I've seen a TON of white girls at the gym doing squats, dead lifts, and lunges to get a "Jen Selter booty" and it irks me like no other because I can't imagine how she's managed to get a butt that big naturally without thighs that are big too.

3/18/14 5:39PM

Jack Daniels over Absinthe? JACK DANIELS OVER ABSINTHE? I mean, to be fair, I doubt everyone has had the magical absinthe moments that I have been lucky enough to experience. One time I got wasted on it at a Peter Pan themed college ball where I was DRESSED AS TINKERBELL, i.e. an actual green fairy, and spent a good Read more

3/16/14 4:40PM

What sort of volunteer programs? Traveling to where? What will they do there? How will they learn about other cultures? Read more

3/12/14 1:00PM

I hate the word pussy - not in a cringy way, but if my partner says the word pussy when we are getting sexy, it's a hue turnoff because I feel like I am being taken out of our intimate situation and put in a standard nonsense porn.

3/11/14 9:21AM

Callie, I'm really disappointed that L.C. didn't actually shave her head. Like super disappointed. I might have to leave work early.

3/10/14 6:19PM

Ahh, yes. My ex-boyfriend was thin and looked great in clothes. But naked, he sort of resembled a droopy stick figure. His butt was bizarrely flat without any muscle or fat in it, so touching it was like grabbing at pudding. When he ate a large meal, it gave him a potbelly until it was properly digested so you could Read more

3/10/14 6:07PM

I have never liked either the word "skinny" or the word "fat". I have both skin and fat. Everyone does! I am going to ignore the meaning of the word and call myself "skinny fat"; because I have skin and I have fat and so far, so good. Both are doing their job, keeping my skeleton wrapped up all safe.

3/09/14 3:37PM

I just realized that my husband is handsome in the exact same weird way that Benedict Cumberbatch is handsome aaaaaand my pants fell off. G2G.

3/09/14 3:24PM

I'm the loneliest popular girl ever. BFFs Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita N'yongo forgot my birthday, and my boyfriend Cumberbatch didn't even send flowers for valentines day.

4/18/13 12:59PM

I just did a piece on another very interesting Victorian photo practice on Spirit Photography - including some very creepy spirit photographs WITH post-mortems - check it out...