Sep 5 2014

Loved this, quite a pity. I knew it was dead from he started bragging about the women he slept with.

Mar 29 2014

The days she falls in one of those heels in front of the paps is the end of her fragile career.

Mar 21 2014

Sure she wanted to be on that cover by herself! Look at meeee, look at my perfectly contoured face and kryptonite ass. I'm beautiful world, please validate me!!!!

Mar 9 2014

I'm black, I just saw 12 Years a Slave. Literally, 20 minutes ago. Too soon.Too soon...

Mar 2 2014

I feel like the article you wanted to write was ''Luptia N'yongo vs Jennifer Lawrence'' but that would have been too political.

Feb 19 2014

I cannot believe someone would be so stupid to do something like this.

Feb 11 2014

Pleasantly suprised at how good her poem is. Let's not tear this one down...

Jan 28 2014

4 percent showering actually more than once a day? Only 4 percent? That is crazy. In Jamaica,where I am from, people bathe twice a day on average. If you bathe once a day you are branded as lazy and nasty. The idea is that you've been working all day so freshening up, especially when you live with people, is a social Read more

Jan 27 2014

Most of these twitter comments are about Gay Marriage so why not use Macklemore's image as the main photo, why Beyonce?

Jan 22 2014

Jezebel is a hypocritical site but frequently they will post something useful about vaginas or cute puppies and I'll like it. I guess I should own this troll thing. Thanks for the heads up.

Jan 15 2014

Also, I'm a troll because you're too simple to see the obvious?! The word ''troll'' has now been reduced to anyone who gives a divergent opinion. Jump off a cliff, will ya?

Jan 13 2014

My,my, my, the gals at Jez are being quite conservative about this one. I guess you guys only have strenght for Chris Brown et al. Callie, never read a more straight laced article from you. Not saying you should go looking for a lawsuit but this borderline neutrality is hypocritical to say the LEAST.

Nov 20 2013

I really respect your music Angel but I want you to stay away from that girl - the one with the Rapunzel weave - she's a gimmick and you are special, brave and beautiful. Maybe she'll come into her own one day but you are coming into your own right now, don't let anyone confuse the mission. Big up from Jamaica.

Sep 7 2013

Looking forward to you and all the angry hypocritical zionists at Jezebel to write something about Nethanyahu's wife. Oh wait...that will never happen because you're all full of shit and most of your readers know it. I read Jezebel for the puppy gifs...stick to that.