Oct 12

I just put anything I’m done with straight into the sink to rinse. I stack bowls, cups etc with cutlery, tongs and whatnot stacked inside under the tap so nothing gets dried on. I wash dishes and clean all surfaces as I go when cooking.

Sep 15

Cable TV died because millenials ran away from the constant barrage of advertisements. Advertisers didn’t know how to reach us for a sweet, sweet decade on the internet.  Now they’ve found us and the zoomers online and the wonderful wild west is gone and data is ruining everything that was sublime.

Sep 14

Imagine thinking this is a serious thing people should care about. 

Sep 7

I used to love this show, but the lengthy breaks made it much harder to stay invested in the show. I don’t know that 7 seasons in 16 years was the best formula.

Sep 6

I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the UFC gif. and the normal adds on this site. Read more

Sep 6

They don't give a fuck about your $60. With all the ads these fucking games have they should be giving the software away for free. 

Sep 3

Is Jez really doing a story about “how will the short little black lady swim”??? About the most amazing U.S. amateur female athlete? Yikes.

Aug 18

Ah yes, San Francisco: where eating at a restaurant is a public health risk but shitting on the sidewalk isn’t.

Jul 30

They tried that in like 2012. It wasn’t great. And it also features Ray Rice on the cover...which is it’s own whole thing