Jan 11

It is slightly better in reality, but yeah it’s still not great.

Jan 6

One time, back when I was a cop, I stopped this crime ring that was boosting DVD players and car stereos. Long story short, I wound up JOINING the group family and traveling the world committing/stopping crimes. Then I had a kid and they stopped inviting me to the jobs. Kids ruin everything.

Nov 25

The legality of the next suggestion is... questionable. Anyway, I started doing this when I was in college, when my friend Adrian told me about it. It’s perfect for the holidays because every school parking lot is empty. Read more

Nov 1

Electric Hummers make a lot of sense to me. What I don’t get is electric bicycles. The whole point of a bike is to get some exercise while going somewhere.

Sep 23

Kia has a question in their survey along the lines of “Did the salesperson ask lots of questions to help you pick out the right vehicle?”. If the customer picks “I already knew what I wanted so this question does not apply” that is regarded as a fail.  You are supposed to take 15 minutes going over needs and wants, Read more

Mar 26

It’s a bit like saying “the pickup truck, also known as Ford F150.”

Feb 14

I think they wrote 0+ as in it could be 0 wrecks or more.

Feb 1

I always call every Tesla model a Tesla. And every Fiat a POS.

Jan 14 2020

Immigrant cars doing the work that American cars refuse to do.

Oct 23 2019

Can we address the bigger issue here? Can we stop with the recommended/recent videos auto playing on every single page? Read more