Tuesday 9:26PM

Yeah. All those maga hat idiots figured out where to show up to. The goddamn President was down the street. That they were “surprised” is incompetence at best, aiding and abetting at worst.

Tuesday 9:12PM

I’m just this guy, you know? This guy who lives 2800 miles away from DC, isn’t politically active beyond voting and bitching about it, who spends most of his time herming and consuming news and science programming. (And Science Fiction movies and books.) Read more

Tuesday 9:42AM

Does it matter what type of political affiliation Stodden may or may not have? The fact remains that Teigen told a child that they should kill themself and that was in 2011 before the Trump-America hostage crisis had even begun. 

Monday 1:37PM

Just want to get this out of the way: Sweet mother, comments work again!

Also fuck Candace. Children are not property of their parents, and especially not adult children. This is the definition of toxic parenting. Besides, she’s telling on herself. She also says in the interview that God controls everything. So if she Read more

Monday 1:11PM

My mother would like you guys to know that Chrises Isaak and Meloni are BOTH in their sixties and looking like a fucking snack. They are on her “JFK Jr. Memorial white man mt rushmore” along with Jake Gyllenhaal and one but not the other Property Brother

Monday 1:11PM

Right she didn’t lie - she just passed on the lies that others came up with. Read more

Monday 1:09PM

Per the article she doesn’t even say she wants her kids to find partners that share their love for Jesus... she wants her kids to find partners that love Jesus like SHE does. ICK! Read more

Monday 12:55PM

All action-movie-franchise actors consider themselves professional colleagues. If you have to shill your latest flick at Comic-Con, it’s something to bond over. Read more

Monday 12:33PM

OMG, I’m able to comment again from the PC! Friends, it’s me, ninjagin! I’m not wearing the same clothes but it’s me! - with my new name “The Cruel Shoes”. I’m unable to login from my old name if I get logged out, because now I have to login by proxy via facebork or twitter or google - looks like my careworn direct

6/11/21 8:31PM

I think that last paragraph needs to add the fact that, despite Teigen claiming that she reached out to Stodden, Stodden says that she did no such thing and in fact still has them blocked on Twitter. So it wasn’t just a big performative apology, it was completely empty of actual action which got called out within Read more

6/11/21 3:44PM

This is related to why Joe Rogan’s podcast is so problematic for so many people: Too many people give too many fucks about what certain people say online. Read more