Paper Tiger
Nov 18

Ford v.Ferrari was excellent, as I’d hoped. It deserved to do even better than that, although the length probably was a bit of an issue. Read more

Nov 18

The 40-minute drive from Boston to NYC in Fringe made sense when you realized they were driving the high-powered yet environmentally-friendly Nissan Leaf, the electric car proven to warp space and time with green energy! Read more

Jun 26 2019

I the future, teasers will be so short, so fragmented, so fleeting that they will exist in a theoretical region of space-time, and and only those with access to a particle accelerator will be able to detect them.  

Jun 25 2019

I’m sorry, what? Angel was cursed, and the effect of that curse was that he got his soul back.

Jun 25 2019

Now, it is true that one of the crew members was injured.... slightly injured. But everyone else is just fine, managing the production, free to pursue a life of religious fulfillment.”

Jun 25 2019

We rightly complain about Trump every day, but holy hell Dubya was awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwful.

Jun 25 2019

Get up and say, “I’m sorry children, but something has happened and I have to go handle it. But I’ll come back to finish reading to you, I promise.” And then leave, and maybe worry a little more about terrorists crashing planes into buildings and a little less about temporarily hurting the feelings of a handful of Read more

Mar 12 2019

I mean, it’s fun if only because leaping off a building to try and hit a dragon in the face with a battle axe has to be one of the coolest movie deaths of all time.

Mar 12 2019

The poster’s broken promise of a Dragons vs. Apache helicopters battle royale over London still stings me.

Mar 12 2019

It wasn’t a great flick, but it was very much a fun one.

Mar 12 2019

I think—when they release it in theaters—that it won’t be in protrait format any more.