May 9

and yet they’ll blame women for not lowering themselves to their level.

May 5

I think using Freddy was a mistake because it pretty much ruins the opening sequence since all I was thinking of was he sounds so old. They’re going to bring Caleb back as Kanan eventually so they should have used a younger actor.

Dec 16

Regardless of whether or not they’re in the suit, they’re still providing the voice, so they’re not really NOT playing a role. They’re just playing that role along with other people. 

Jul 10

I like Better Call Saul, but both played the same characters in Breaking Bad, and it’s a little weird you didn’t say Breaking Bad.

Jul 3

PS4 GoW really doesn't require any knowledge of the previous games to be enjoyed. I never played them and only knew that Kratos is a Spartan who became a demi-god and then killed ask the Greek gods. I don't think my limited knowledge took away any enjoyment.

Jul 1

Is this what supporters of the orangutang think will deter K-Pop stans? The latter are a bunch of water-soaked mogwai that have been voluntarily fed post-midnight by trolls calling their idols a bunch of wusses. There’s no going back now. Also how low does one have to be to punch below and target children? To the Read more

Jun 27

“The flag was not an instrument of hate like the Nazi symbol”
Tell that to the KKK, who explicitly flew and used it as a hate symbol.  

“What is next book burning?”
Fuck no. That’s a logical fallacy called “the slippery slope fallacy.” It’s bullshit. Read more

Jun 26

Every time I see someone bitch about “virtue signaling” my immediate thought is “fuck that racist.”

Fuck off racist.

Jun 26

I understand the problem with buggy releases, but I also understand that waiting a year to update can open a network up to potentially serious security gaps. A month ought to be long enough to vet a release for basic stability, and it seems like a small enough price to pay to avoid things like preventable ransomware Read more

Jun 25

This is rehashed every time the game is brought up I know but man I really wish there was a third person option for this. I have the same issue with stealth in first person and in general, have an easier time with perception in 3rd. I absolutely love everything I’m seeing about this, and if it even hits 1/100th of the Read more

Jun 25

I ended up empathizing with Abby much more than Ellie honestly. 

Jun 24

It must suck to not experience empathy. Maybe talk to a psychiatrist.

Jun 23

You can’t “boost” your immune system beyond the things you would normally do to live healthily (eat healthy, exercise, get enough rest, don’t stress, etc.). Anyone telling you otherwise is selling you a pile of horseshit (or useless supplements).