7/08/20 8:34AM

More truck hate from Jalop ... surprise surprise. Now let’s extend that hate to the perceived owners of said truck. Perfect. Fan the flames of a culture war and then sip expresso from my morally superior perch in Williamsburg.

4/29/20 10:58AM

Executive salaries are indeed ridiculous, and I’d love it if they’d all take a huge cut to prevent furloughs/layoffs like many executives are these days, but saving millions (with an m) that’s not going to offset year over year losses of billions (with a b).  Automakers are still screwed.

4/15/20 4:18PM

I’m not a conservative. I can, and do, think for myself. I also don’t need any seeds so I have no dog in this fight. Since you seem to need it spelled out for you, there are entire websites dedicated to this type of political BS. This shouldn’t be one of them.

4/15/20 4:11PM

ah yes... conservatives disagree with math. because there’s both sides to math....................... GTFAC.

4/15/20 4:09PM

Is it because they’re in cars that makes this article appropriate for a website for car enthusiasts? That seems like a pretty flimsy excuse to write yet another political article. No?

4/15/20 3:59PM

Ah, yet another political article telling other people how bad they are and assuming their intelligence because they disagree with you. Read more

4/10/20 8:37AM

It’s refreshing to see a basic vehicle like this. This truck is an ideal 2nd/3rd vehicle just for the occasional Home Depot runs and to throw some bikes in the back for the local rail trail. Old enough that you don’t care what happens in the parking lot but new enough that it’s not a “90's classic” going for twice the Read more

4/09/20 10:49AM

Been there done that. Shortly after I bought my second vehicle (‘67 VW Sqbk) I saw a dead insect inside the speedo housing. Read more

4/03/20 9:37AM

The front subframe came with the donor engine, as did the back, and there seems to be a roll cage holding them together and the whole thing has been widened, so I’d question how much of the Yugo chassis is still there.

4/03/20 9:35AM

I’ll tell you why a few of us voted Nice Price: you could generate approximately 500 million YouTube views (worth at least fifteen bucks) by buying this monstrosity and doing lunatic stuff in it and to it. You could easily purchase an abandoned racetrack with the proceeds, create an empire like Bernie Ecclestone, and Read more

3/23/20 9:50AM

it is a beautiful example of a mustang from that era. too soon for that price though. I would enjoy very much a LX 5.0, but that price.

3/23/20 9:33AM

This was the first time that the words after the heading really didn’t matter. It gave away all that is needed. 25k for an ‘89? That’s beyond crack pipe, past looney tunes “I know what I have” territory, and straight into “see honey? Nobody wants to buy a fox body!” Read more

3/11/20 10:19AM

We’re so close to Living in a Society where not being sexually attracted to a given protected group is discriminatory. Buckle up buttercup.

3/11/20 10:01AM

He made a joke that taking this car home is like going to a bar and coming back home with the wrong gender. He didn’t say he hated trans people or feared them. Just that he didn’t want to have sex with them. You took that as tranphobic which it isn’t. Read more