8:13 PM

I feel your feels. Several of my group of high school friends are still close to each other, but I've drifted away - sorta understandable as they all live relatively lose and I don't, but it's still a little sad-making to see pictures on Facebook and remember when I used to be as close to them as they still are to Read more

3:06 PM

This has to be one of the most insensitive articles I have ever seen published on this site and I can't express enough how disappointed and sick this makes me. Read more

1:50 PM

Ugh, corpse eating? Seriously? What a disrespectful tone for an article that could've been so helpful and informative. Guys, this ISN'T ABOUT YOU and your silly "paranoid hypochondriac" book and movie fantasies. It's about the people in West Africa who are actually suffering RIGHT NOW and facing a horrific lack of Read more

12:13 PM

I live in the US but I've seen a lot of articles about Ebola that may be contributing to the fearmongering of people worldwide—BBC News, The Guardian, The Mirror, etc. have a TON of Ebola coverage going on. I think much of the world has a big blind spot when it comes to issues in African nations, not just Americans, Read more

11:44 AM

Don't you think this article is a bit insensitive? I can see how the joke of 'this disease has very little chance of coming to the US' but 'OMGEEE WHAT IF IT DOES???' might be funny if it was something like the chance of the bubonic plague coming back, but Ebola is a real and terrifying risk to a lot of people right Read more

4:57 AM

Thank you for this. I too dated a guy like this. He made me doubt and second guess myself so often. I was always confused and worried. I didn't trust him, but I couldn't find a reason I shouldn't trust him. It was so, so terrible to doubt myself. And it wasn't just active lying. His entire manner was a lie, one that Read more

12:43 AM

have you ever considered HIS feelings?!?!

12:35 AM

He's an asshole. A disgusting, manipulative prick, who is lying all over the place. (He hasn't got a phone because he can't afford one. Period. It's got nothing to do with resistance.) I promise you. Eh. Don't even worry about being nice — he wasn't and isn't. Tell him to fuck right off.

11:08 PM

Send one email to all four. Thank them for their time, that it was a pleasure meeting them, coming to the office etc. I'm in recruiting the thank you email goes far.