Pacer Racer
1:09 PM

I think the original story still stinks (conflicting reports of who was actually driving, Hart appearing intoxicated and being snuck home before going to the hospital) -- but... This is a lousy thing to be sued for. A heavily modified 50-year old muscle car... Enter at your own risk.

10:13 AM

I’m far from a fan of Trump, but ALL press coverage of this situation paints China as some innocent party that is being bullied by Trump.  Just a little bit of research will show that although I don’t agree with Trump’s methods, the status quo on China trade is not tenable.  

10:55 AM

“Drive free or die, unless it’s a truck or SUV, oh and it better be electric too!

5:19 PM

Really depends on where your at in the states. Its 2.30ish USD here in kansas for a gallon or about .60 USD a liter for 87. That’s what .87ish CNY a liter just a guess... prem gas here is 2.65 a gal... but yeah, that’s the only way I can have my 9 cars lol no smog/emissions checks and housing here is cheap I owned my Read more

6:19 PM

No. This is socialism running its course. Read some history. It's all there.

4:44 PM

We already sort of do this. Post about conservative politics on facebook, people will try to get you fired. And then there’s the whole internet rage machine, harassing people to the point of suicide attempts because their dog crapped on the subway.

The Chinese credit system is scary because it’s unaccountable and in Read more

11:04 AM

Exactly.  Must push the socialist agenda whenever possible, even when talking about cars.  Or sidewalks.  Hell, even cats and dogs, gotta fit socialism in there somehow!

10:47 AM

Agreed. Most of the writers here are clowns...

10:39 AM

“What I’m saying is, I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but his pay coming in mostly equity only further increases his ownership of the means of production, and labor is entitled to all it creates.” Read more

3:23 PM

I don’t think it’s that people want performance, but rather they expect a minimum performance and they’re perfectly fine with whatever meets the minimum. I’d say bare minimum is a 9-10 second 0-60; that’s why Subaru can get away with printing money on the Crosstrek that does 60 in 9+ seconds. For some reason, Read more

2:47 PM

I mostly agree, though I think people want performance (at least as far as acceleration goes) as there are few truly slow vehicles for sale, but it’s like most things about modern vehicles in that they want it even though they never use it. I think it’s more the compromise (or the idea of it, like a perceived harsh Read more