Pacer Racer
10:49 PM

These articles are so ridiculously bunk. The people that write these do know that car shows and meets as we know them today largely didn’t exist in the ‘50s and ‘60s, right? And that events like the Goodguys shows and PowerTour are pulling way bigger numbers this millennium than the last, right? Read more

1:32 PM

No, not really. Performance really isn’t a relevant metric anymore for individuals who aren’t car enthusiasts, and most of the U.S. population has no interest in it as a result. Read more

10:43 AM

To be fair, I don’t think greenlighting the Cascada in the U.S. was anyone’s first choice, I get the sense that like the G8 before it the Cascada was a last ditch attempt to save Opel-Vauxhall by cost-amortizing one of it’s products in the United States. It failed, and as such you are right, it wasn’t a worthwhile inve Read more

4:17 PM

I think a series on all of the weird Ford and Chevy trucks/suvs made in Brazil would be cool. 

11:56 AM

As someone who attended the National Association of Automobile Museum’s national conference last year, as well as volunteer at my local auto museum, I think there’s a variety of different reasons as to why some museums might be seeing a downturn in ticket sales. Read more

11:29 PM

I’ll be honest, I woke up this morning half-asleep and penned this with boiled over rage from a full year of seeing SJW reposts on the Jalopnik front page. This really wasn’t even about the commercial. I never should have commented, and I really should stop visiting Jalopnik at all at this point. No reason to continue Read more

7:08 AM

Let me just say...if you don’t want to hear a conservative viewpoint, don’t read this comment. Just scroll on. I’ve stayed silent on the countless Brexit articles, on all the “Trump’s an idiot” articles, but I just can’t leave this one to happen. This is where I draw a line, even for a Kinja site, I just can’t take Read more

8:56 PM

Wow...I’m an idiot. Drove 30+ of these things and never figured that out. Thanks for the info.

8:54 PM

Wow, that must be a terrible automatic. We had 10+ of these at any given time, I drove most all of them, and every single one felt like the transmission was slipping between first and second. I assumed it was because they had a moderately bad CVT, but...dang. That’s horrible for a geared tranny.

12:40 PM

I worked at a Toyota dealer and we had a whole flock of these that would never sell. Maybe it’s because of the CVT that most of them came with, but I loathed the way they drove. They were dreary, jerky, and the fact that you can’t change the stereo volume without looking down at the touchscreen (no buttons/knobs) was Read more

7:49 PM

Pretty sure that the “old Datsun” in the school parking lot is actually a Triumph TR7. A rare siting on one of its few days outside the repair shop, no doubt.

11:33 PM

I had that book as a kid, and I wore it out. The spine is duct-taped together, and the ink has faded on some of the pages from being thumbed through. That book is what eventually led me to buying a Pacer, and what taught me about the Trabant, the Pinto, the Amphacar, the Leyland P71, and so many other automobiles that Read more