Power Girl
May 12

You know, something really troubling is how so many people have used Palestine as an excuse to fully pull off their masks and allow their antisemitism breathe right out in the open. Read more

Mar 31

At this point, saying “Fan reaction to The Last Jedi was negative” is kind of like saying “fan reaction to Vader being Luke’s father was negative.” That’s technically true; some fans WERE negative about that. But they were a small minority who were dwarfed by the massive box office returns and positive critical Read more

Feb 13

I wonder if HBO Max has anything to do with it, like all the marvel shows getting canned in favor of Marvel Studios being the only ones making them. It is weird that Superman is getting a CW show though, so perha[ps Wondergirl will be in the WW threequel?

Feb 13

A damn shame, and leaves me wondering (no pun intended) if the CW DC Universe is starting to sputter a bit. Supergirl and Black Lightning ending soon, this and the Canaries show not picked up... Read more

Jan 24

According to some rumours, Kurtzman really dislikes DS9 and even banned any mention of the Dominion War in Picard, despite Chabon basing some of the Federation’s isolationist and protectionist viewpoints on the massive losses it had sustained during the conflict (which explains its reticence to help the Romulans a bit Read more

Oct 20

Kind of ironic David saying that to Billie. Fun fact for Americans who may not know; Billie Piper was a pop star in the UK before she became an actress. Had two UK Number One’s (She’s apparently the youngest artist ever to do so according to Wikipedia) and a platinum album.

Oct 16

Look...Ian...I mean this in the nicest way possible, and I say this as a fellow progressive who has tried to get people to vote for Bernie twice in a row, and this isn’t directed at you specifically but at the group you are currently representing with this article...but please, shut the fuck up. Read more

Sep 30

I hate to be that guy, but does anyone else get the sense that they’re setting the X-Men up for one of those “when good guys go bad” plots where it’s going to turn into XvX?

Sep 11

So am I! It’s definitely a departure from all other Star Trek series, yet still infused with all the things that make Star Trek be Star Trek, not just the mythology and lore but also the underlying tenets and values. Of the three shows in the franchise currently in their initial runs, it’s actually the one I’m most Read more

Aug 21

I’d still prefer this show to take the Bridge Crew seriously. I think that the contrast would be better, rather than it being a ship full of quirky screwups (which it really was this episode), but at it’s core, the show is in the right place. It’s less a branded parody, than a proper Trek show that’s more focused on Read more

Aug 20

That’s one thing I’ve been loving about the show over all, the way it’s a love letter to Trek that pokes fun at the franchise but doesn’t try to tear it down or make it look foolish.

Jul 27

Let’s be honest, Discovery has been a blast so far, and it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun to see a third season, especially given there’s some great plotting and characters along for the ride. Read more

Jul 16

I totally agree, it’s not only the best song in the show but maybe the best song in musical theater in a very long time. Read more

Aug 11 2019

He was most known for his roles in action movies, but those left him with some injuries that required a partial knee replacement and major surgery on his spine.  After that, he wasn’t really able to take the kinds of parts for which he became famous. 

Sep 10 2018

Not sure if this is who you meant but I had to watch this again after you mentioned the unlocking bit.(Dara does sone good material on games)