And here I always thought that if I wanted portrait mode instead of landscape mode, I would turn my phone 90 degrees before taking a picture. Who knew it’s only available on the Pixel 2 or iPhone.

So, in the future, a trip to your doctor will send you on a trip. Read more

Hey Jillian: I just had to pop in the comments here to say that you, Shep, and Shane all did an incredible job keeping on top of Prime Day yesterday. I know people balk at the Gizmodo Media Group kickback, but you earned every cent of commission highlighting the good stuff. Thank you so much! Read more

Hey Jillian: I just had to pop in the comments here to say that you, Shep, and Shane all did an incredible job

Judge Randy Stoker should be bombarded with actual mail to his home address, since, ya know — he hates the Internet and thinks it’s a good excuse for rape. But since I’m not privy his home address, he can be reached here: Read more

It’s pretty easy. If you are censoring your country you should not be able to make bgp updates. Read more

Nah. Feels like a Focus. The FiST is a bit smaller but where it’s at. Read more

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Here’s another cool video of a NYC chess hustler getting pwned, this one by a grandmaster Maurice Ashley.

Well well, today must be your lucky day! Read more

When you hold your breath, you have about 150mg of oxygen in the liter of air in your lungs. (Plus or minus your actual lung capacity.) But if the pressure drops to 35000ft altitude, the same volume now had much less air, and you are physically unable to keep that air in your lungs. By the time you exhale enough to Read more

It’s no longer a baja “bug”, but now a baja “feature” Read more

Good. I couldn’t give a shit about the rest of Gawker, but Jalopnik and Gizmodo are about the only topic sites I give a shit about. Read more

Everything? My biggest issue with the cordless multi cyclone vacs is that they are all show and no go. You can’t have a efficient multi cyclone setup with a common settling chamber if you pull more air through one or two of the conic sections. Any fine dust that settles in the chamber is usually sucked back up through Read more

Is Russia a big Florida or is Florida a small Russia? Read more

New expression: “What the Florida is wrong with you?” Read more

It’d also be nice if people stopped getting upset at him for saying stupid things and being generally insulting. That’s his shtick. He insults things while being stupid. Read more

I always liked the Mavericks and Comets. Can be pretty badass with a hot 302 motor.