Owl is lost

Nope. Half-drunk on the couch with a few family members NEXT Christmas seems to be an appropriate time and place to watch this. Read more

But anyway this story was bananas. How does the school have no control over an adult who is not enrolled in the college living on campus???? Read more

I mean, they gave Roma three awards and Netflix productions have won several others... I think this is Old Man Spielberg and sour grapes about Netflix’s businesses practices, which I ultimately think the Academy will be mad about, but not consider actionable. Read more

Excellent this narwhal dress I made two years ago is now ON TREND 100%

Like ‘wall’ with a t in front of it.
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“I didn’t have much experience of how to organize domesticity.” Read more

You know how people in bad relationships will limp along through infidelity and deception, but will suddenly cry out “THE WAY YOU SCRAPED THAT FORK ACROSS THAT BUTTER EXEMPLIFIES WHAT I HATE ABOUT YOU AND I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE, I AM LEAVING”? This idiotic piece of sub-fluff non-observational non-commentary Read more

He’s already got the cancer, it’s not like he can get more cancer. Read more

Unfortunate that the author couldn’t get the image right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Read more

there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be a parent Read more

I agree 100%. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be a parent. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a parent. Having a spouse who is on the same page as you is important on this issue. Go get that vasectomy, and make sure you do the follow-up visit to make sure it stuck. Read more

It’s not really about the feminist thing. Any guy who is adament that he’s not like other guys (like the Nice Guy) is probably basing his opinion on what other guys are like on his own fucked up desires. Read more

Swear to god I’m gonna make a fake alt right burner so I can finally get out of the greys on Gawker sites.
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Let’s see we’ve got a lot of figures but no citations, we’ve got hyperbolic hypotheticals, we’ve got vague mentions of ‘things happening, and an evocation of Godwin’s Law! I’VE GOT ALT-RIGHT BINGO!!!! Read more