Oven cravers jr
9:58 PM

Absolutely, I got to watch lots of that stuff when Blockbuster used to have a Netflix disc mailing type service and they had a weirdly huge Chinese DVD selection. My favorite is Tricky Brains, though I think he may have only starred in and not directed that one?

2:47 PM

Shouldn’t this be the 13 LEAST nonsensical theories? I mean aside from the Trump one that is.

4:44 PM

Many retailers have these installed but they aren’t working yet. Just like Apple Pay! So basically I just swipe because I assume nothing else will work and then maybe 10% of the time it’ll tell me I have to use the chip and I’ll be annoyed. I've successfully used Apple Pay maybe three times since it launched.

1:43 AM

Holy crap I don’t know if a typeface has ever been invented in the history of earth that’s worse than not knowing whether or not I have caps lock on. I’d take Comic Sans over that.

10:15 AM

I’m also in Atlanta and also have had issues with Apple Maps. Judging from the other responses here it seems like they’re not giving us their full support. Also I wonder if the people who AREN’T having problems with it are living in cities without major traffic/road construction because those are the things that Read more

12:34 AM

Add Fringe to that list too, that show was 10x better before the awkward and stilted relationship stuff

9:19 AM

I’m old enough to remember when they came out and really critics universally hated the second and loved the third, but in recent years I only read things saying the opposite on the Internet. I liked the second one better all along because of the future stuff and the crazy back and forth time travel stuff

5:48 PM

Hmm seems that it doesn’t want to give me anymore free trials since I’ve already had 2. Too bad, I’m too broke to justify spending $100 to get any deals right now. Probably.

Hmm seems that it doesn’t want to give me anymore free trials since I’ve already had 2. Too bad, I’m too broke to

9:55 AM

UURGH yeah so many times during the first season I got so excited because it seemed like he might be about to die but he survived the whole thing. Such disappoint.

6:04 PM

I saw it last night and I really liked it. I disliked 3 and hated Salvation but this one was really enjoyable to me, even if it has way more in common with T2 with the first film. It was basically the Back to the Future 2 of Terminators

11:56 AM

Perhaps it could make it so that music albums you delete from your phone aren't automatically re-added when you sync? That's part of why I keep running out of space