2:34 PM

It’s funny, because most of my favorite places are those Greek diner-style restaurants where the menu covers the whole front wall and the attitude is “I’ve got a fryer, a grill, and an oven and I’m prepared to make anything I can cook on one of those in 10 minutes or less.” Sometimes I want a burrito and cheese fries,

2:32 PM

Pretty much. I mean, I LIKE the guy. But I also think I’d like George Bush if I met him. I don’t want Biden as president. The guy’s heart isn’t in it, and he’s a walking gaffe. And I don’t want “more of the same”. BIDEN doesn’t want to be president. He’s basically admitted it. How does he think that will play

9:28 PM

Gee, it’s almost like a lot of people in their late 70’s often suffer from a decline in their mental faculties which causes them to sound confused and forgetful and makes them poor candidates for almost any job where mental sharpness is a major factor.

9:14 PM

If Castro isn’t angling for a vice presidency or a cabinet position, I’d be extremely surprised. I’m definitely in for him staying in the race as long as possible to heckle the front runners (Joe Biden).

8:27 PM

In addition to the potential health benefits, quitting vaping will lead to massive reduction in looking like a douche.

2:25 PM

It is difficult to quit using addictive substances like nicotine, this article may be able to help people do this.

I’m sorry you feel your right to be addicted to nicotine is being infringed by this helpful article.

5:28 PM

I have it on good authority that this doesn’t apply if the error is in the amount of $200.

12:32 PM

Just because they want us all dead, they assume we want the same for them. All I want is for them to leave me alone so I can go about my business. Also, if they could stop trying to thwart me at every turn, that would be great.

9:29 PM

You had me when you said you had a story... “When my grandmother died, her last words weren’t “Resist the pavement”” and then you brought it home, again. I think I speak for everyone who reads the mailbag when I say, please write a memoir.

5:24 PM

Sidebar: and did anyone skate on that street? Newly tarred streets are the bomb for roller skating, just saying. We’d bring the radio and everything.

5:13 PM

Kill all white people? Nobody is advocating that. However, if someone was to kill Gretchen I’d probably throw a motherfucking party.

4:37 PM

Uh does anyone have the heart to tell Haley that her generation is just as bad, if not worse, than the ones that came before her? I mean that is some next level delusion if little Ms. Haley really thinks that her generation hasn’t become as close minded and insular thinking as every other one before it. Look no

10:21 AM

I’m going to leverage your thought leadership when we ideate our next ecosystem disruption. I think a deep dive initiative will help unpack the core competencies needed to move the needle on our deliverables. Hopefully, it will incentivize engagement among key players. I’m out of pocket right now, so I can’t drill

10:20 AM

Well researched and written. The biggest takeaway is that she should have listened to the people around her. Even the song you posted in the article, had she dropped the blaccent and gone with Valley girl ala kesha in the first part of her career that would have been a cute little underground sleeper hit.