1:13 PM

I can’t say much for confidentiality reasons but I’m currently volunteering to help with some of the separated families and the whole thing is fucking sickening. A grown man burst into tears in front of me when he told me had to lie to his son to get him to go peacefully when they were being separated. Some of the Read more

2:36 PM

You can argue for less immigration on purely policy terms. It’s possible. I don’t think it’s even close to persuasive, and I doubt most other people will either, but it can be done and every now and then you’ll read a smart and humane take on the issue. But that’s not what CIS does. Their arguments are designed to Read more

1:58 PM

To foster international relations, I would consider setting something up like the Nuremburg trials. Their crimes go beyond our own borders. I’m sure there are at least a couple of countries that want a piece of that action.

1:42 PM

The people involved in implementing this policy are clearly craven and morally bankrupt individuals, more than I could ever imagine being. And I’m a pretty shitty person. Read more

5:02 PM

CBP and ICE are stuffed with roid freaks and they personally all need fired. That entire branch is rife with shitheels and assholes.

5:00 PM

Jesus fucking christ. If they can do this in the era where everybody has a video camera in their pocket and the ability to upload it to hundreds of millions of eyes, can you imagine the type of monstrous acts they’d perpetrate otherwise?

2:38 PM

He said the she had been “emotionally aggressive,” insulted his lack of arousal, and demanded oral sex.
Read more

12:15 PM

George Clinton was opposed to our form of government and tried to set up an alternative system based on a more European model. And then he tore roofs off places and turned mothers out.

11:03 AM

For me, a real scientist/engineer will *NEVER* care about painting their face like a clown to conform to ridiculous societal conventions; firstly, just because of the sheer amount of time such preparations require. And that goes for men and women. Read more

10:32 AM

Anyone who has spent any time working for a corporation can sympathize with Kevin Hunter. Not only does being right not get you any points with your bosses, it oftentimes can hurt your career because the very sight of your face reminds them of the time that they were wrong about something, and the manbabies who run Read more

9:29 AM

In a way this is good. This is exactly what usually ends up tripping up a racist. This is why they “accidentally” say racist things in public. It’s because they’re conditioned in private as to it being okay and accepted. Nobody who isn’t privately a racist among friends ends up “accidentally” saying racist things in Read more

9:26 AM

I actually agree that’s part of it. Another part of it is that Americans are just racist. Slave owning George Washington and slave raping Thomas Jefferson led to Trump.

9:15 AM

Yep it’s racist, but a lot of people voted for him because he’s racist. It’s the sort of joke they’d hear at a party or talking to their friends, which lets them identify with him. Read more

3:57 PM

Then it sounds like you need a union also! Work for that.

1:03 PM

“Here’s that raise you asked for. You’ll get an extra $50 a month. Oh and your health insurance premiums are going up. Will be around $65 more per month, and the deductibles are higher too. But you should be thankful you have a job.”

11:44 AM

Just to quickly nip the “LoL summers off” people.

If you took a similarly educated and experienced persons yearly salary, which typically is about 260 days and did your math magic to find out what they would be paid on a 190 work year as teachers have, it would likely be 15 to 20k more than a teacher makes.

Another Read more