2:48 PM

I trained with CBP when I was in USDA, and while many of them seemed ok (how many of those people stayed IDK), there was...definitely an authoritarian streak along with a lot of know-nothing stuff going on...

2:40 PM

20 year old guys at selective universities are generally either the best or the worrrrrrst

5:08 AM

If I wasn’t so tired of the epithet “snowflake”, I would almost say it applied here.

5:08 PM

Given the posture in this picture, I don’t feel like Mike is all that into Karen. Who knows. But her shapewear looks hella uncomfortable.

10:04 AM

I go through phases of that and I’m sorry, it sucks. I have been taking 2 zinc supplements per week for a while and being really careful to wash my hands thoroughly (30 seconds each time) every time I take the bus, go to the store, etc. etc. and haven’t hardly any colds in the last couple years. Worth trying. I also Read more

2:10 PM

My experience is that this is a really common attitude among people who are poor and who have little chance to ever not be poor. Life happens to you-the idea of free will or having decisive power over your life is laughable. It’s...somewhat understandable.

1:31 PM

He is! I miss him on this here web site, I must admit.

1:28 PM

I can only hope he regrets this mightily as he grows older.

1:03 PM

I appreciate hearing this from people who have more experience with guns than I do. And before people want to wade into gun type semantics (looks like it’s too late already...), I recommend this article by Gawker alum Adam Weinstein, a veteran and someone who (like 4 of my family members) lost someone at the shooting Read more

4:42 PM

Good God. the sick leave thing is insane. The doctor should determine if you are well enough to work and if not, you get leave, the end. I now live in SW Europe where you can get up to 18 months off for a serious illness no questions asked, and then renewed for another 6 months if the doctor determines you need it. Read more

4:16 PM

Alas, last I checked, fed jobs require U.S. citizenship (and usually a 4-year degree, which is a big barrier for people who have the language skills, field experience, etc. that federal service could really use, because of who usually gets to go to college and who doesn’t in the U.S. But I digress). But heck, give it Read more

4:13 PM

This levelling up is is true of every part of government. If you can get a USDA job (I had one at one point), you can get those sweet sweet salary increases AND not deport people.

3:54 PM

The stupidest thing is at least for people who work on a computer that can be done anywhere is that there is absolutely no effing reason for people to be present at their workplace as many hours as they are. I don’t know what your husband does but I bet there’s no reason for him to be in the office most of the time. Read more

1:59 PM

HA I totally cop to being that kid. Except I wanted to go to Latin America. I signed up for a mission in Lima Peru and was accepted and realized ere too long that I really didn’t care what people believed, that I knew jack shit about Peru and I wanted to help people materially, not spiritually, so I didn’t go. I then Read more

12:23 PM

why can’t he wash his hair or get his shirt ironed for a court appearance

4:20 PM

I am wondering how much longer English is going to be the common tongue, given that we seem so bent on self immolation...

3:31 PM

This is true! The church I grew up in, in a tiny upstate NY town with less than 2K people, was very social justice-oriented. I never met any catholics who were fire and brimstone about gays and abortion etc. etc. until I went to college and met people from more metropolitan areas and then I was like ohhhh ok, this is Read more