10:16 AM

I’m a young, but for some reason I read ‘Logan’, looked at the picture and thought to myself “that’s not Logans Runs”. I’m weird.

11:49 PM

Bummer that this isn’t moving forward but starting with Wizard and Glass isn’t really how I’d want an adaptation to go (although I’d take that over whatever the hell the movie was). I’d want it to follow the books straight up and in order and keep all the absolute insanity of them. I also don’t know if that would even Read more

4:29 PM

Broward County. Florida. Of course. 

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1:45 PM

I would add, educate family and friends on how to be in your car. As a younger millennial, most of my friends have never been in a car of the same vintage as my truck.

4:28 PM

I have to say, I did NOT have “My beater pickup featured in a Jalopnik article” on my 2019 Bingo card but it’s a funny old world, innit? Read more

3:59 PM

OK, former trucker and mechanical engineer here. I just wanted to address this kluge-job, and answer a few of your questions: Read more

3:53 PM

Two promotions ago, I thought I was in the financial situation to afford a pilot’s license and an airplane. Once I saw the costs involved (some of which you touched on), I had no chance of owning my own plane. Group ownership wasn’t appealing nor was an experimental/ultralight. A co-worker of mine has an ultralight Read more

11:17 AM

It frustrates me that idiots like these can somehow afford nice cars, but all I can afford is a super used minivan - despite having a Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees.
I guess it’s my fault for being a teacher and having multiple kids, though.

9:03 AM

Voted NP. Don’t care. I’ll be the one. This thing is freaking incredible. It would be endless fun for 0-40 stoplight drag races to embarrass all number of cars. I’d go somewhere full of tech bros driving Ferrari’s and pick on them until I inevitably got too cocky and ended up dead, on fire, squished like a sardine in Read more

4:16 PM

There’s a burger place in Dallas called Maple and Motor thats owned by a retired high school teacher who’s sick of parents who think their kid can do no wrong. Sign out front says “nobody came here to hear your screaming kids” and they’re well known for throwing out families who don’t control children. Read more

10:21 PM

Its packing arguably the worst motor Toyota ever made.  The boat anchor 3.slow. If you live in a state where you can do the 3.4 swap, go for it. As much as I love the first gens I'm sticking to those with the 22RE

11:19 AM

Only film I’ve ever seen at midnight. Saw it during the first MCU marathon screenings leading up to the midnight release, alongside my dad who was two months removed from a liver and kidney transplant. He wore an Iron Man shirt, me in my Cap duds. We were both little kids all over again. Read more