Jesus what the fuck is wrong with people and passing. I was driving to southern Utah last year and long lonely desert highway, caught up to a car doing 60 in a 70 zone, as soon as we got to a passing zone he speeds up to 80, then after that back to 60. So finally I get past him and then he tailgates me for miles. Dude Read more

“18.92 mph over the 100 miles” Read more

I see this more and more....people, please don’t tint your windshield. It’s incredibly stupid and dangerous. And this is coming from someone who loves window tint on my cars. Just don’t do the windshields.  Read more

Fuck nazis, and fuck nazi sympathizers. Read more

and red flag laws.  These few things if properly enforced can lower gun violence considerably.  Also if Conservatives backed up their stance that it’s a mental health issue and provided mental healthcare to everyone who needs it that would actually help too.
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i vote blue and those mfs are not taking my guns. background checks and psych profiles and insurance for every gun owner. but fuck all that civil asset forfeiture business. if were gonna go off needs and wants its time to start seizing people vehicles and giving them transportation they need. no 1 ton trucks for Read more

Screw off-roading. This is the car you need if you’re working in the mean city.
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Boy, Florida sure is lucky that climate change isn’t real isn’t it.
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These have aged like wine and are truly timeless IMO. Lower it slightly and put some less dated wheels on, and they look as elegant as anything else you could hope to see on the road. Read more

And you know what the best part is? Polyphony can’t patch these out in an update. Read more

From a legal standpoint one is always presumed innocent.  I am loathe to engage in judging people in the court of public opinion.  I used to be a practicing litigator.  Prosecutors and Plaintiff’s counsels, heck defense counsels too, have a away of making claims against or for their clients/defendents look better or Read more

Plus Zachary Levi turning out to be an antivax nutter. You may be onto something here... Read more

Hahaahaahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Read more

I don’t know the exact, current market for 1990 4Runners, and I don’t know the market for used Bundu? tents. But what I do know, having owned a 1990 4Runner in the late 90s is that they are slow, underpowered, and overrated. I can’t imagine trying to get up to highway speeds or climbing hills in a 33 year old one, Read more

Okay, so yeah this thing is sweet but it’s definitely over priced. I know this because I daily drive one, the big detractors here are the automatic and 3VZ V6. Yes, the 3VZ can be reliable, but the early model second gen 4Runners had recalls due to head gasket issues and 150k is prime for a head gasket replacement if Read more

Seller seems to have an overinflated view of himself and his overpriced 33 year old 4Runner Read more

This era of 4Runner has a V6 that has a tendency to blow its head gasket in and around the 200k mark. That and the price is obscene. ND. Read more

“Please no angry-guys or loserish comments from broke-ass crybaby tire kickers who think they can somehow beat the market with bizarre stories from the distant past or the painful present” Read more

The BunduTop sells for around $4k new Read more